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5 Ways to maintain SEO ranking after website redesign

Mar 06 2022

5 Ways to maintain SEO ranking after website redesign

Website is the primary tool to maintain a steady position on the Search Engine. It helps you stay competitive and attracts customers in this digital business landscape. However, having a website is not enough; you have to stay up to date and rank up on the search engine to get noticed by your potential customers.

Ranking on Search Engines could be challenging enough, especially after website redesigning. Redesigning your website means that your online property’s content, internal links, structure, URLs and other important formations have been removed or changed. And not focusing on what you are adding to the website and how it matches search engine tactics could lead to a decrease in online presence, ranking and audience.

Hintt is a digital marketing agency in Liverpool that understands the struggle of getting your website ranked above the competitors after redesigning; therefore, we have bought up some ways to maintain the SEO ranking of a redesigned website.

5 Ways to maintain SEO ranking after website redesign:

1. Carry over the important SEO Elements: Make sure to carry over the best SEO elements of the previous design in your new website. It will decrease the hassle of implementing the SEO strategy again and redo the work. You can crawl through the old pages and note down what you have implemented earlier. Also, if a Meta description, header, title or tag have worked for you earlier, you can carry over the same in your new website. It will help you maintain a good SEO ranking.

Also, you can focus on improving or fixing the content that hasn’t worked for you earlier, implement the best keywords and work on the loading speed of your website for every device. Finally, keep a record of everything and follow the current and best SEO practices.

2. Work on the layout and structure: The layout and structure of your website will decide how successful its ranking will be. You can work on easier navigation and simplify the user’s journey through your website. In addition, you can work on offering a better user experience by keeping the structure and layout less confusing. You can lower the bounce rates and increase click-through rates by doing so.

Whenever you add new pages to your website, make sure to add consistent URLs to maintain uniformity. You should also update the internal links based on the new URL structure to avoid confusion and remove broken links. Good internal links also are a sign of a better website flow.

3. Redirect all your URLs to the updated website: Most users follow their browsing history to return or find a visited page. And Search engine ensures to fulfil their need. Therefore, being a website owner, you have to consider redirecting your old URLs to new ones after redesigning. It will help users and search engines to find you.

Based on the requirements, you can decide between 301 and 302 redirects (permanent and temporary redirects). According to us, 301 redirects can help you maintain better SEO rankings.

4. Make On-Page SEO your priority: When talking about maintaining the SEO ranking of a newly designed website, immediately implement high-impact on-page SEO practices on it. It will minimise the temporary loss of visibility and decrease the negative impacts of redesigning a website. Here you can focus on the following:

  • Build Robot-friendly unique URLs with primary keywords and under 115 characters.
  • Insert understandable meta title and description to simplify the understanding process for Search Engines and users.

  • Always use H1 tags to increase the visibility of the information.

  • Add optimised keywords to attract the target audience and search engine bots.

If you are unsure about best practices of On-Page SEO, take the help of an SEO Company in Liverpool.

5. Install SSL: SSL is the protocol used by HTTPs for sending and receiving data. It ensures a smooth and encrypted communication of websites and search engines. Also, it provides better security and functioning of a website. As you have rebuilt your website, you might have lost the old website SSL. So, to keep the private information and communication safe, reinstall SSL. It makes you look trustworthy in front of users and helps the website rank quickly.

Things to avoid after website redesign to not impact the SEO Ranking:

  • Never start from scratch and keep the best performing content and elements of your website as it is.
  • Don’t take redirects lightly and update them to avoid the “page not found” error.

  • Never push the old internal linking in your new site.

  • Never neglect the pages with high rankings and multiple backlinks. You can use applications like Ahrefs to find such pages and preserve and transfer them accordingly.

Final Words:

Website redesigning can uplift your online performance when all the SEO tactics are kept in mind. It can improve site performance, offer a better user experience, refocus the content strategy, give your online property a facelift and fasten the loading speed. However, you must audit your existing content and information architecture and carefully map URL redirects to get started. Always redesign it as per SEO as you also have to make Search Engine happy with users. And if you don’t have time or don’t want to take any risk, take the help of an SEO company in Liverpool.

Hintt is a digital marketing company in the UK with years of experience and has helped thousands of clients with website redesigning and their SEO. Our well-experienced team will ensure satisfactory results. So, if you have any doubts or want to connect with our experts, feel free to write us at



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