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Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

Jun 28 2022

Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

Can you recall the last time you weren’t holding your Smartphone? Or what was the last time you opened your laptop to search for something at midnight? Of course, the answer would be that smartphones are so accessible that it is hard to imagine your life without them. Whenever you want to search for something, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket, type your query and find the answer. It’s that easy!

Now, just imagine, if you are selling your product or service online and your website is not optimised for online mobile devices, don’t you think you will miss out on a large amount of traffic? As the online world is changing and users can now search for something online through their mobile devices, your website is required to be Mobile Friendly.

A mobile friendly website will increase your visibility and marketing and allow your target audience to use the internet from their Smartphones. Hintt, the web design and development company in UK, has brought you an article that will provide general information about the benefits of having a mobile friendly website. So, stay tuned!

What is a Mobile Friendly Website?

The mobile friendly website works perfectly on mobile devices as it works on desktops. Even though all the website data becomes smaller, it is very easy for users to read it. It is functional and has features like text-based phone numbers or email addresses, which allow users to call or email you via their mobile devices directly.
There are various mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPads, tablets and more. And your website needs to display perfectly on all devices. Therefore, you must have a mobile friendly and responsive website design. You can connect with a web design company in Liverpool as they can help you with designing a website that works on all devices.

Elements of Mobile friendly website:

  • Quicker loading speed
  • Less text
  • Fewer pop ups
  • Simpler menu bar
  • Easy to locate content information
  • Clear call to action
  • Larger buttons

According to Google, if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you are shutting down your business ‘One’ day every week. It means you are losing prominent customers because your website doesn’t work correctly on their mobile devices. And the customers you are losing are equivalent to losing almost your ‘One’ day income.

What are the benefits of Mobile friendly website?

  1. Enhance user experience: No one wants to stay on a website that doesn’t display helpful content to them. Even if the content is helpful, they cannot read any information because the website content is not fitting on their mobile screens. So, in order to avoid such a situation, you must make every part of your website mobile friendly. You can take the help of SEO services providers in Liverpool to work on the elements that make your content look good on the mobile screens and still are well optimised for search engines.

  2. Increase the average time on Site: Online world works on time. If you are the fastest, you will get something. You have a limited time to capture visitors’ attention because users are accessing your website through mobiles. They tend to convert if they easily navigate your website content and pages. They will spend more than average time on your website. And you can simplify the navigation and increase the average time by having a mobile friendly website.

  3. The faster loading speed of the website: An important factor that a mobile friendly website revolves around is loading speed. As you have limited time to attract your users, you must ensure that your website loads faster. Studies show that users abandon the website if it takes more than 9-10 seconds to load. And this can be improved through mobile optimisation. It structures the code in a compatible way and removes all the clutter from the website to help it to load faster.

  4. Competitive Advantages over your competitors: There are chances that your competitors are already working on the mobile friendliness of their website. And by not doing the same thing, you are giving them the advantage of attracting all your target audience. So, by having a mobile friendly website, you can look progressive in the industry. Even if you are not able to move ahead of your competitors immediately, you will at least come to the same place. We recommend you to visit your competitor’s website to understand what they are doing for mobile optimisation. Make notes and try to do better than them.

  5. Mobile Users behave differently: If you think every target user will behave in the same manner on your website, you are doing everything wrong. Mobile users aren’t just using their devices for longer periods of time; instead, they use their devices frequently for shorter intervals. And they want to find the answer to their queries in the same duration. They don’t have time to wait for massive graphics to load; they want to use a website that provides the answer fast and doesn’t take time to load. So, by having a mobile friendly website design, you can decrease the loading speed and help your users to find their answers.

  6. Mobile Shopping is taking over: The online shopping arena is quite trendy. People are using their mobile devices to shop things online more than ever before. And if you have an ecommerce website, you are missing huge online traffic by not having a mobile friendly website. When the users visit your website, and your website will not work responsively on their mobile devices, they tend to leave and shop from your competitors. So, in order to increase your conversion rate and want them to shop from you, work on your website’s mobile friendliness.

  7. Google Favours mobile friendly websites: Google wants to help its users; therefore, it makes sure that it only displays the website content that looks right to it to its users. When we talk about mobile users, this works the same way. Google ensures to find the websites that fit in its mobile friendliness parameter and show the same to its users. It helps Google to show high quality search results. Therefore, you must have a mobile friendly website optimised as per Google’s parameters and improve your Search Engine ranking.

  8. Social Media shares are huge on Mobile: Users can easily share anything relevant to their family, friends or anyone else through their mobile devices. They just have to tap on the post, image, video or product link and share the same on social media. Almost every mobile friendly website offers social media buttons that enable users to share anything even more easily. So, you can also go for such a design and make your website content easily shareable on social media too.  

  9. Cost effective and easy to manage: Mobile friendly websites are very responsive and involve only a single URL. In traditional websites, you will notice several URLs for every device size. And all hosts require separate payment and management. On the other hand, with a single URL, you just have to pay for a single host, and it is easier to control. There is no clutter.

  10. Builds Credibility: A mobile friendly website helps you create the credibility of your business and make it look up to date. Every tech savvy user prefers to open a website on their mobile device to save time. And for them, opening the desktop just to search for something is quite outdated. So, in order to make your website accessible for mobile users and build credibility, the mobile friendly website could help. You can contact a web design company in Liverpool and take their assistance in making your website mobile friendly.

  11. Makes you modern and relevant: Your products or services are quite effective, valuable and unique. But if it’s not reaching the right target audience, it will not show you results. So, by having a mobile friendly website, you can grab the visibility of anyone who is searching for a similar product or service through a Smartphone. It will cut down all the clutter, make you optimised for users, and show your business as modern and relevant.

  12. Make it easier to manage content: A mobile friendly website saves your energy, time and resources on publishing content online or adding many visual elements to it to make it look better. In such websites, you just have to offer relevant and crisp content that answers users’ queries. The only requirement here is to avoid duplicate content as it can be hard to rank and can leave a negative impact on search engines.

What are the different ways to make your website Mobile Friendly?

  • Have a mobile responsive website layout
  • Cut down the extra content from your website
  • Make your images and CSS as light as possible
  • Avoid Flash
  • Focus on website speed optimisation
  • Incorporate the viewport meta tag
  • Change button sizes and placement
  • Use a larger and more readable font
  • Eliminate Pop ups
  • Test your website regularly on real mobile devices to avoid glitches.

Who needs Mobile Visitors anyways?

Hintt, a digital marketing company in UK, constantly comes across businesses that mention their target audience doesn’t use mobile devices and they don’t want a mobile friendly website. It might be a ‘THING’ before the pandemic, but now, things have changed. People had stayed isolated in their homes for about 2 years, and they all were more active on their mobile devices than ever before. They weren’t using their desktops for anything more than their office work. And now, the population that didn't own mobile devices 2 years back also owns them.

According to a recent study, more than half of digital traffic now comes from mobile devices. And on average, a website gets 25-60% of its traffic from mobile devices. Even if it’s 25%, do you think this figure is worth neglecting? The answer is No for us. So, by not having a mobile friendly website, you are missing many growth opportunities.

How to know whether your website is mobile friendly or not?

Any business can easily tell whether their website is mobile friendly or not by checking how it displays on smaller screens. If your website’s content displays properly on smaller screens, your website is optimised for mobile devices.

If you are unsure about it, take a Mobile friendly test offered by Google. It allows you to easily check your website’s mobile friendliness by entering its URL. If it passes the test, you are in good shape, otherwise, connect with a website design and development company in UK as soon as possible and work on this important feature.

Final Words:

Now, you know all the benefits of a mobile friendly website, how to know whether your website is mobile friendly or not, and how to work on it. If you don’t own a mobile friendly website, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to convert your target audience into your customers and increase sales. It’s important to understand all the important elements of a mobile website and then act to create it.

Hintt is an award winning digital marketing company in UK offering the best web development services. You can contact us and give us a chance to create a mobile friendly website for your scratch. Or, if you already have a website, we can optimise it for mobile devices. You can tell us your needs, and we will offer the solution.

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