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Best way to manage your E-commerce website

Jun 30 2020

Best way to manage your E-commerce website

The best way to manage your E-commerce website

A website often serves as the first point of contact that your target market has with your brand; therefore, it has to stand out in the competitive virtual space by providing instantaneous engagement. Here are some guidelines on maintaining a stimulating e-commerce platform that has your customers coming back for more!

Prioritize user-friendly simplicity

Websites need constant tweaking to meet the dynamic shifts in consumer behaviour. However, if you’re looking for a prime website design agency to take care of your web development and upkeep, make sure they abide by the general principles of minimalism and ease of navigation, which always apply!  If you’re aiming for higher conversion rates, you need to direct customers to exactly what they are looking for as fast as possible. For instance, feature your product portfolio and Call to Action (CTA) buttons as the centrepiece of your homepage, including a straightforward menu along with customized filters for each product type. While crafting alluring product descriptions is essential, you need to avoid cluttering your site with reels of text. Therefore, use short and sweet bullet points as much as possible and highlight key value offerings using videos and infographics. Pesky ads and pop-up messages are also best steered clear of as they interrupt a seamless shopping experience.

Provide a Customized Experience

While you want to obtain as much consumer details as possible to proffer a more personalized service, avoid compelling customers to create a profile to checkout. Instead, you can incentivize signing up by giving those who do a special discount code or faster shipping options. Providing multiple payment options is also a great way of ensuring that customers complete the transaction, for example, some customers may prefer Paypal to Visa cards, and Cash on Delivery (COD) must be available for local clients. In addition to this, you need to be on hand 24/7 for when customers have a query via email or chat feature, and anticipate the most probable issues and address them in your FAQ section. Designing a complimentary mobile app is another sure-fire way of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by giving customers the ability to shop with minimal hassle.

Generate original content

Investing in SEO is crucial to add value to your brand, and this is tied to tailoring your content to specific aspects of the sales funnel and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which will lead to more profound connections with target customers. Encouraging your customers to frequently pop into your website requires fresh and innovative content, from customer testimonials and resourceful blog posts to entertaining weekly newsletters. Consider enlisting a reliable web development company in the UK to help you effectively utilize Content Management Systems (CRM) such as Prestashop to ensure a streamlined experience. 

Frequently assess results

It’s crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of your web development strategies so that you can identify how to improve, from the placement of calls to action and ease of checking out, to the overall quality of your web hosting plan. Tools such as Google Website Designer will help you track conversion rates and shifts in consumer behaviour, and Google Analytics aids you to make sense of your position in the purchase funnel.

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