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Tips on creating a more credible online persona

Aug 20 2020

Tips on creating a more credible online persona

The contemporary consumer market is informed and driven by research and comparisons; therefore, your brand needs to distinguish itself, not only as a value-added solutions provider but also as an epitome of credibility.  Here’s how to inspire trust and loyalty on your digital platforms. 

Proffer outstanding content 

While it’s important for your website to achieve high rankings on Google and be successful at drawing in dream leads, this cannot be done via building link clusters with zero consumer value and keyword stuffing, but through crafting a seamlessly engaging user experience.  As any premier web design agency will testify, one of the foremost and also the simplest methods to meet the user-centric Google criterion is to optimize your content! Even if you implement great in-market targeting strategies, cross-account promotions, and customized retargeting and email campaigns, you need to have content that entices your dream customers for it all to be effective.  For instance, if your content isn’t authentic, engaging, up-to-date, and complimentary towards the platform it’s featured on, it likely that both your ideal leads and the Google algorithm will write you off as not being worth their while.

Humanize your brand 

An essential rule of thumb that any experienced digital marketing company will advocate is to create a compelling brand persona that seems more like a trusted acquaintance than a solutions provider. However, it’s not all about liking a bunch of posts and dropping a few strategic comments; building a lasting, mutually-beneficial rapport with consumers, so they become enthusiastic brand ambassadors requires AI-driven data mining and a commitment to customization.   For instance, through starting conversations and groups based on shared interests and values, from sustainable sourcing to useful lifestyle hacks, and going a step further to feature your and audiences’ stories and empower others.  Social Media Optimization is a great way to engage with customers, whether it’s forming B2B synergies on LinkedIn, sharing unfiltered behind-the-scenes footage your Instagram story, or creating a close-knit community on Facebook. 

Managing customer expectations 

It’s undoubtedly vital to present yourself in the best light from designing a sophisticated website that enables users to find what they came for with the minimum number of clicks to making sure your Instagram grid layout and theme are on point!  However, a well-seeded web development company would advise being extra cautious about how you depict your products and quality of service so that your customers are not let down by having unrealistic expectations. For instance, if you’re an online fashion boutique, you must provide an accurate size chart and true-to-life pictures, and electronics companies can use video demonstrations to showcase product features.  In addition to this, your brand’s reputation has to be spotless to build brand loyalty and validate yourself as an expert advocate for positive change. 

Secure purchasing and refund policies 

A chief concern for your target consumers is in making sure that their private information such as credit card details is in the right hands and that they’ll receive a hassle-free money-back guarantee. Aside from having an SSL certified website and convenient return policies, it is also vital to make sure your platforms are fortified with premium shopping cart and cyber-security software. 

Share testimonials 

Last but not least, don’t shy away from posting genuine customer testimonials in the form of videos or written reviews, especially from renowned influencers you have worked with, and credentials or accolades that vouch for you as an asset on both an industry and community level. 

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