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Digital Businesses you can grow during COVID-19

Aug 04 2020

Digital Businesses you can grow during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rethink existing models and turn to digitization as a compass enabling them to navigate unchartered territory. Here are some ways you can innovatively serve the community by catering to the dynamic shifts in customer requirements.

Shift to e-commerce                                                                                    

With so many businesses increasingly focusing on marketing and selling their solutions online, competition has skyrocketed in the digital marketplace, calling for creatively personalized strategies that show customers that their concerns are being heard.  Any experienced digital marketing agency in Liverpool will tell you that it’s time to upgrade to AI-powered data analytics and optimize Social Media algorithms to proffer a tailor-made digital marketing and customer service strategy without misdirecting precious resources. Moving your operations online grants you a more level playing field with larger competitors, provided you establish yourself in an exclusive niche. For example, not only enable you to match shoppers with the values of items, identify the type of transactions that yield the best returns, and design retargeting campaigns to entice promising visitors who have yet to make a purchase.

Deliver doorstep solutions

While these might seem like a saturated market venture, a high-tech on-demand delivery business that prioritizes efficiency is an asset to the community, where many similar services may not meet altered customer expectations, especially if it specializes in flexibility and customization.  A business model which aims towards value-added logistics facilitation dealing with diverse items for various markets, from Persona Protection Equipment (PPE) for frontline HPCs to gas cylinders and farm-fresh produce, requires the expert assistance of an app development company.  A functional and user-friendly app, enables customers to leave personalized instructions, track their order status, and make last-minute changes with just a few taps on their screens!

Proffer edutainment content

In order to establish an engaging brand persona, be it vivid and vibrant or sleek and classy, which resonates with your target market, it is quintessential to optimize your content across different digital platforms. Many people crave novelty during these unprecedented times; therefore, use this opportunity to touch on hot topics with flair and expertise. This boosts Search Engine Optimization, long-term relationships with satisfied customers, and establishes an authoritative niche presence.

Customize innovative offerings

The new norm of restricted finances and mobility combined with a superabundance of time and the need to engage in productive and entertaining activities has forced both businesses and consumers to forfeit their comfort zones.  Your top focus should now be adding value in every stage of the customer’s purchasing journey, for instance, by startling an innovative line of quarantine-friendly games, apps, stylish protective gear, and personalized gifts that spread awareness and positivity.

Online consultancy and affiliate marketing

With a well-coordinated virtual game plan approved by a premier web development company, you can still generate favourable ROIs with a low-cost and flexible venture, from setting up a one-stop shopping site that promotes an assortment of your go-to brands, to sharing your expertise through interactive webinars and live classes.

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