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Dos and Don’ts of Advertising Online

Aug 13 2020

Dos and Don’ts of Advertising Online

Instead of bombarding your leads with unwanted ads and wasting marketing dollars by blindly generating content that is far from customer-centric, it’s important to review the baseline rules of effective online marketing.  Here are some simple hacks to rejuvenate your Digital Marketing Masterplan.

Do: Be consistent and creative

Any experienced web development company in Liverpool will advise you to look beyond the demands of dynamic algorithms and just focus on producing high-quality and reliable content that will eventually win over your dream leads. While many small businesses succumb to the temptation of overusing keywords, buying followers on social media, and curating content in an unethical manner, engaging with consumers runs so much deeper than trying to manipulate algorithms and achieve top-of-the-page rankings. By enlisting an innovative digital marketing company to ensure authentic and link-worthy content, provide superior customer service, and design a sophisticated website, this will automatically boost SEO optimization and web traffic.

Don’t: Treat every platform equally

It is quintessential to keep in mind that your main social media channels must reflect the preferences high-interest customers and your specialized content. For instance, if your SMART objectives comprise of tailoring a campaign towards a brand new demographic, Facebook is the obvious place to start, as it allows brands to create lookalike audience personas, enabling premium customer acquisition at a relatively low cost. Alternatively, Linked In is great if you aim to distinguish yourself as a niche expert in the B2B sphere, for instance, by sharing your take on industry hot topics via LinkedIn pulses and webinars, while offering product trials and launching innovative InMail campaigns.  While not all Social Media channels deserve your undivided attention, it’s important to seamlessly integrate those that do to craft a streamlined user experience.

Do: Get to know your target audience

While it’s important to keep track of competitor tactics, trending hashtags, and topics across social channels, it’s should be top-priority to establish a one-on-one connection with high-value customers.  

For instance, by creating groups based on shared values, interests, and ambitions, teaming up with influencers and sharing user-generated content, sneak peeks, and unfiltered behind-the-scenes glimpses, which make it easier for customers to bond with your business.

Don’t: forget to add value

The hallmark of outstanding online marketing is to specialize in providing customer value at different stages of the purchasing funnel.  For instance, Facebook Pixel is a dynamic tool for retargeting ads to promising customers who have visited the site but haven’t made a purchase, and investing in Google in-market audience targeting enables you to raise awareness using a customized data-powered approach.  It’s also necessary to be both subtle and explicit, for example, by including diverse strategic calls-to-action in all of your virtual campaigns, from shoppable posts to giveaways and challenges.

Do: Keep track of the right metrics

If you want to gauge the success of your marketing ideas and identify the necessary changes, it’s crucial to monitor the relevant KPIs, for instance, whether your ad campaigns are ROI-positive and the level of engagement generated across different channels.

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