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Features for an effective website

Jun 15 2020

Features for an effective website

Must-have features for an effective website

It takes 7 seconds to cement the first impression, and as your website is often the first point of contact, you need to make sure it stands out and inspires your target market. Here’s how you can optimize your website to give customers exactly what they want and more!

Content-focused Website Architecture

While aesthetics are important, a sophisticated website combines usability, originality, and goal-orientation. The first step is identifying the objectives behind setting up the website. For instance, if your aim is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), lead generation, or information sharing, it is essential to ensure that your content is well-formatted, with clearly labelled forms, consistent colour schemes, and minimal clutter. Your content should cater to your dream leads, and the different levels of the purchasing funnel. For example, attracting customers involves Pay-Per-Click adverts and the smart utilization of keywords, whereas middle-funnel content should be geared towards stimulating infographics and videos that are preceded by a call to action.

Effective Navigation

When designing your website, it’s quintessential to view everything through the lens of the user. This will help you determine the type of information that needs to be brought to the forefront, categorizing the pages in a meaningful manner. This will not only improve the overall user experience, but also help in web optimization, as the Google data-mining algorithms approve of tailored solutions to customer queries, rather than a jumbled maze of keywords, backlinks, and advertisements. As long as your content is original, creative, and organized under topics, it’s encouraged to enhance interconnectivity via strategic links and calls to action. For instance, if you’re ideal leads are ardent Instagrammers or Pinterest lovers, it makes sense to link up with such platforms to build a more profound rapport.

Eye-catching Erudition

Giving out useful content to add value to the lives you touch is a great way to create brand loyalty. While calls to action can be inserted, more subtle techniques are better, paired with blogs, infographics, and expert resources. If you aim to become the go-to place for accurate and sharable/tweetable information, it’s crucial to compile pioneering long-form content covering hot topics related to target consumers, while establishing links with bigwigs in the industry, and featuring customer testimonials.

High-speed Load Time

In order to stay competitive in the online arena, it has become increasingly crucial to satisfy customer expectations as promptly as possible. Adhering to the 3-second rule for loading is essential to avoid potential customers quitting your site in impatience, and also improves your search engine ranking. Remember that providing a high-quality user experience is top-priority both for brand value and Google grading; therefore, manage your image sizes and limit the usage of multiple widgets.

Consistency and Accessibility

A mobile-friendly website with a minimalistic and responsive layout will pave the way towards maximizing conversions. Compatibility across different browsers and digital platforms are often overlooked, yet these simple considerations made a vast difference to consumers who are looking for a user-friendly and seamless experience.



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