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How does voice-based search impact modern SEO?

Jun 06 2022

How does voice-based search impact modern SEO?

In recent years, voice-based search has dominated the online search landscape. It has offered more convenience to people and allowed them to speak into their smart devices and find the answer to their queries. More than one-third of online users use voice-based search rather than textual search globally; Numbers do the talking. And these numbers are expected to double up in the next few years.

So, don’t you think you are missing out on a huge amount of online traffic by not paying attention to this new way of searching online? By optimising your website for voice-based search, you can improve your search result position and survive in the competitive online world. Hintt, the digital marketing and web Design Company in Liverpool, will guide you about voice-based search and how it impacts modern SEO so that you can make better decisions for your website.

What is Voice-based Search?

Voice-based search is the future of finding information online. It is a voice recognising technology that helps users to search for anything online by simply speaking to their smart devices, computers or home assistant devices. Once the integrated tools detect the voice, the search engines deliver the related results to users.

Voice-based search is accessible to everyone. And over the last few years, it has become trending and offers convenience to people. So, to make sure the information available on the website reaches the target audience searching content through voice, many online businesses and digital marketing agencies in Liverpool are integrating voice-based search features into the website. After all, it is a requirement for modern SEO.

Voice Search and Future of SEO:

The Voice Search industry is growing and improving, and Machine learning and AI are progressing finely. It means businesses should optimise their SEO strategies while focusing on voice-based searches. Even though you are already creating great content, it should be written in a better and more conversational tone.

Also, users with text-based queries and people with voice-based searches look for different kinds of information. With text, they want detailed answers, and with voice commands, they want instant and crisp answers. Your content should be optimised for both to attract more and more users. Investing in voice search engine optimisation can improve your brand’s awareness and revenue.

Most people no longer use desktops or laptops to search for something; they have access to mobile devices. It encourages users to search on-go and utilise the voice search feature. Whether they are driving, cooking or running, voice search and their mobile devices go hand in hand. In today’s hectic lifestyle, where everyone is looking for convenience, voice-based search is going to dominate the mobile environment. And businesses need to ensure that their online content and website are optimised for SEO, mobile devices and voice-based search. Contact Web Design Company in Liverpool, as it can help you with designing the website with voice-based search and helpful elements for modern SEO.   

There have been some predictions like, by the end of 2022, more than 50% of searches will be via voice and Voice shopping will set jump to 40 billion pounds by the end of 2022. The fact is, it is hard to predict the future. However, voice search technology is improving every day, and it will be as common as normal text searches in future.

Emerging Trends in Voice-based search are:

  • Smart Speakers Drive Voice Search Adoption

  • Voice AI and Machine Learning are Improving

  • Global Mobility of Voice Search Devices

  • Voice used for local and hyper-local search

Benefits of Voice-Based Search in the Modern SEO world:

  • Higher Ranking: Voice-based search results usually rank in the top 3 positions on search engine results pages. So, by optimising your website for voice searches, you can attract more visitors.

  • Higher Revenue: When you attract more visitors, the conversion rate will increase. And with more conversion, you will generate more revenue.

  • Higher Authority: When the visitors and your overall website ranking increase, your website’s authority will increase.

Resources on Devices and platforms that offer Voice-based search:

Tech companies develop their own voice search platforms and devices. Check out the most common resources and their working:

  • Siri: Siri, Apple’s voice-enabled assistant, is an extremely helpful tool. This tool can offer all kinds of information, send messages, dial numbers, set reminders and more using voice-based searches and commands. It can rephrase and narrow down the searches in case your command is difficult to understand.

  • Google: Google voice-activated helper works on all android devices and Google Home smart speaker. It works by using simple words “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. By saying these words, you can search for anything on the internet or ask Google Home to perform common day to day activities.

  • Alexa: Alexa is another voice-activated assistant of Amazon that you can find on the Echo, Amazon’s smart speaker. It is equivalent to Siri and Google Home and has a deep and wide range of features. From making calls to playing local radio, it can handle all. Also, it can be controlled via a TV or AV system using voice.

  • Cortana: In 2014, Microsoft also entered the voice search market by introducing Cortana. It follows a sophisticated algorithm, where it learns the user’s habits and preferences and works accordingly. It is capable of arranging daily activities and makes your work simpler.

What Strategies should businesses adopt to make their Voice-based search SEO successful?

Voice-based search is becoming very common among web users, and that’s why businesses should focus on optimising their websites and web content accordingly. It will help in gaining online traffic and attaining a better position in Search Engine results. Here are a few best strategies related to the voice-based search that can improve your SEO:

1.Long-Tail Keywords: As the Google algorithm is frequently updating, users are focusing on searching for a specific question. These are often in the form of longer sentences. Even most users prefer speaking a specific sentence in the microphones. The voice-based search allowed users to use different terms than they were using while typing in the search bar. They focus on longer, specific, and direct questions. And what they are searching for is known as long-tail keywords. Unlike short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords help users to make a conversational and prominent search. So, as a business, you should work on the long-term term keywords in your website or landing page to increase your visibility and attain a higher rank in web results. Many agencies offer SEO services in Liverpool, which can help you know the potential long-tail keywords for your business and use them for voice-based searches.

2.Answer the FAQs: The frequently asked questions should be given more preference when you are working on voice-based search SEO. Most users are searching for their answers using sentences starting from 5Ws and 1H. As FAQs generally offer the direct answer to the questions, you can be benefitted from this section. Look for what your target users are searching for and offer their answers in the FAQ section. It will help search engines to offer the answer to the users easily.

3.Informal Tone: When users search using voice-based search, they prefer to use an informal tone. So, you must use the same in your website content. As online businesses focus a lot on blogs and articles for generating traffic, this can be a good element to insert an informal tone and direct answers to your website. Here, consider how people speak and develop content following the same tone. It will help you grab a lot of online traffic.

4.Fast Website Loading Speed: Voice-based search engine optimisation favours the website that loads faster as it helps search engines to offer answers to the users rapidly. Therefore, you must work on the loading speed of your website and make it more responsive. It should work equally well on each device. Here, optimise the images, compress the files and add tactics that can improve the speed. You can take the help of a Digital marketing agency in Liverpool and let them reduce your server’s response time and overall loading speed.

5.Content Blocks: In general, the accurate voice searches length up to 29 words. It is believed that shorter answers perform better, but to ensure that the search engine identifies your answer to the users, you must feature content blocks. Blocks of content are the quick answers or answer boxes that offer a summary of the web. These are just like meta descriptions and snippets summarising the content and helping users to find the relevant answer.

6.Local Search: According to a survey conducted by Google, more than 25% of voice-based searches are related to location-based queries. For example, the best restaurant near me, route to a location, travel bookings near me, etc. So, brands should focus on local searches to get greater visibility. Your voice-based search content should be designed to fulfil location-based queries.

7.Google My Business Page: As discussed in the above point, most of the voice-based searches wrap up with the word “Near Me” or anything related to location. So, to focus on it, you must have the Google My Business listing. It will be the easiest way to get noticed by the users. Here, you need to let the search engine know your location by providing related information and content. You need to let search engines know that your business can solve the queries of people who are searching for a similar business in your location. If you don’t know how to create Google My Business Listing, contact a digital marketing company in UK for assistance.

For Users: How to turn on Voice-based search?

Using Voice-based search on your smartphone is extremely easy. You just have to activate the search and use it to get the action done. It can make your life much easier. Still, if you are confused while turning on the voice search, here is how you can do it:

  1. Turn on the Voice Search: Open the Google App and click on ‘More’. Here, click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Voice’. You will notice, ‘Hey Google’. Under it, tap on Voice Match. It will turn on the Voice Search.

  2. Start a Voice Search: After activating ‘Hey Google’, it’s time to begin the Voice-based search. For it, open Google App and say ‘Hey Google’. You can also tap on the Microphone to start searching.

  3. Change the ‘Hey Google’ Settings: It is very simple to change your Hey Google settings based on your preferences. For example, you can allow your device to prompt immediately to Hey Google whenever it hears it. By clicking on ‘Always On’, you can help the phone to respond to voice-based searches even if the screen is on or off. You can even unlock different features through settings.

  4. Delete ‘Hey Google’ audio recordings: You can also delete the saved ‘Hey Google’ recordings by going to your Google Account. There, you will find all the recordings and delete them.

Note: These steps are for Android phones or tablets, but you can activate voice-based search on Apple devices in the same manner.

Final Words:

More and more businesses are investing in technologies that can assist them with modern SEO optimisation. And voice-based searches have become trending and offer better future growth opportunities. They are constantly working towards enhancement of user experience and less error rate with voice-based search SEO. The potential reason behind it is that more youth and teenagers are using voice-based search.

Voice-based search offers immense scope to online businesses and helps them to fit well in the modern SEO world. So, to take maximum benefit of it, you should start using it today. If you want to make the best use of Voice search technology, we are here to help.

Hintt, the top digital marketing company in UK, can assist you in optimising your voice-based search while focusing on modern SEO needs. With years of proven experience and a client portfolio, we aim to deliver the best and latest digital marketing and SEO services in UK. Our SEO experts are not just backlinkers, but they work on the optimisation of traditional techniques and the latest technologies. Contact us today!














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