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How social media signals impact your SEO results

Nov 13 2020

How social media signals impact your SEO results

What are social media signals?

As a prominent SEO Agency in Liverpool, we can explain what social signals are? How do they all affect the promotion of your website?  Social signals are the reaction of the audience to the site (its pages, materials), which is determined by search engines by the number of actions performed on social networks (likes, reposts, posting with a link to the site, mentioning the name of the site). The term “Social Signals” appeared at the turn of 2010, at a time when Google began to take into account “Facebook” likes. The more social signals a site receives, the more interesting it is for the user, the higher it should be ranked - a simple logic of search engines. Social signals can be attributed to behavioral ranking factors.

How do social signals affect SEO?

Search engines have several parameters that determine the location of the site in the search results. These parameters include Meta tags, keywords, content freshness and quality, keyword density, site architecture, etc. The perfect combinations of all parameters contribute to the promotion of the site in the top ten of the search engine. Social signals are one of the new, but no less important parameters of search engines.

For example, it has long been known that Google is very good about its affiliated services, which include YouTube. If you are doing well on YouTube, your site's ranking in Google Search will be more dynamic. Social signals are an extremely complex and specific metric that does not imply an unambiguous assessment, as in the calculation of static weight. The only analogy with competitors works here, as well as weekly measurements, hypotheses, correlations. For example, the audience started to repost more, we check the positions in SEO. If there is growth, provided there are no other jobs, then social signals have had a great effect.

Influence of social networks on-site positions

Social signals do not have a very strong direct impact. But in promotion, as you already know, everything is interconnected. In general, according to the nature of the influence of social signals on the site, they are divided into direct and indirect Direct - When there is a clear relationship between the social factor and the ranking result. These factors include:

Social Activity: These are all the same likes, reposts and comments, the number of subscribers. This data directly affects the growth of resource positions.

Traffic: Clicks on links from social networks to the site, or in other words - traffic. The more visitors a site gets the more attention it gets from search engines.

Links from social networks improve and make the link profile of a site more diverse and more natural.

In this case, as you can see, promotion by social factors plays an important role in the ranking of the site. But - in conjunction with everything else. Let's say your article quickly spread across social networks: it is commented on, it has collected hundreds of reposts and thousands of likes. People come to the site using the link, read your article, and after that, they go on to stroll through the site.  What do we get as a result?

• Several hundred links to the site

• Mention of the company in the social network and certain fame, because of which the name of the site and the company can be entered in a search engine to find out more about you;

Improvement in behavioural factors: traffic will grow (at least for a few days, while there is a peak of noise around the article) more time on the site and more depth of viewing. If this is repeated over and over again, the search engine will not ignore this, and your positions will begin to grow.

Indirect: But back to social signal, there are also indirect ones such as:

Improved behavioural factors:  There are transitions to the site, there are transitions on the site, the depth of page viewing is growing. But all this is provided that the site itself is interesting, its content is useful and attracts attention.

Acceleration of site indexing: We have experimented with sharing on Twitter only an article published on a website. It is noticed that such an article is indexed faster by search engines. This is a big plus, apart from the fact that it received a good amount of traffic to the site. Twitter is famous for its fast bots that index tweets very quickly. This way, search engines learn more quickly about new content on your site.


Social signals speed up the indexing of site materials and the output of queries to the TOP of search engines. Moreover, the costs of this promotion are not very large.


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