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How to increase competitiveness on Instagram

Jul 31 2020

How to increase competitiveness on Instagram

Instagram is a content creator’s dream ride to unchartered channels of consumer engagement, allowing brands to be their authentic selves, attract their biggest fans, and directly entice target consumers to participate in creative challenges. Here’s how to navigate this dynamic platform with aesthetic finesse.

Be original and innovative

Instagram presents a laser-focused approach to digital marketing, while its funnel optimization strategy is not as advanced as Facebook; it enables brands to establish a niche and unique brand vibe that automatically draws in loyal customers.  However, when picking the ideal web development company in Liverpool UK, it’s vital to ensure that they are experts in diversifying visual content, as the “wow’ factor is quintessential to cinching Instagram benchmarks.  Adding value to target audience members on this platform requires not only the timely posting of breathtaking pictures and engaging videos accompanied by witty captions, but also staying relevant and exciting through the strategic use of hashtags, hosting product giveaways, and releasing exclusive sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes footage. Conducting a competitor analysis using internet marketing services and tools such as those proffered by Sprout Social is a great way to test the waters and make sure your content sets the bar.

Stimulate consumer participation

The engagement levels of Instagram skyrocket even above platforms as specialized as Facebook, with brand posts typically reaching 100% of the intended audience, while also offering contemporary avenues of user stimulation. For instance, both customer satisfaction and retention can be enhanced by a strong User Generated Content (UGC) strategy fuelled by brand personalized hashtags which turn your most loyal customers into effective ambassadors! Reposting unique company insights from your staff profiles is a great way to make your audience feel more in tune with the lesser-known elements of what you do.

Partner up with influencers

Your niche segment is likely to have creative influencers, from bucket list travel and fitness couples to YouTube-famous families who will be happy to sponsor a credible brand with a distinctive selling point. 

The Instagram algorithms favour relationships, relevancy, and the attention commanded by each post; therefore, collaborating with the right social media celebrities is a fantastic way of grabbing the attention of your dream leads.

Integrate calls-to-action

A less aggressive marketing arena than Facebook, Instagram is tailor-made for consumers to leisurely browse through brands that capture their attention, often through a combination of arresting photographs, amusing videos, scintillating captions, and plenty of behind-the-scenes stories. Taking Instagram by storm, however, requires more than stunning aesthetics and exclusive reveals, and any experienced digital marketing company will tell you that it requires a fool-proof strategy!  For instance, don’t forget to time your posts for optimal engagement, incorporate your stories into highlights, and make sure that you are creative with your Calls to Action (CTA), along with shoppable and shareable content that enables users to “see more” and “swipe up.” 

Customize advertising tactics

Now teamed with the Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram allows for smarter and more personalized strategizing of ads via the building of a custom audience base and crafting dynamic retargeting campaigns based on the data gathered from tracking the right metrics and utilizing tools such as Facebook Pixel.

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