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How to increase followers on Instagram?

Mar 29 2022

How to increase followers on Instagram?

Instagram has become the most effective platform for increasing the online presence, driving valuable traffic on the website, increasing conversion rate and building a more substantial audience base. However, it can sometimes be tricky for a brand or individual to start fresh on Instagram and gain followers. Although there are shortcuts, like buying followers and using bots, they are not effective in the long run.
Organic followers offer valuable results by engaging with your brand, and false followers will not work for your Instagram strategy. So for gaining organic followers, you should be aware of tricks and tactics for boosting your follower count. Hintt is a Social media marketing company in UK that has combined the best ways to gain more followers on Instagram. So, keep scrolling.

8 Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram:

1. Optimise your Account: The first step to gaining followers on Instagram is to optimise your account correctly. Your account works like a “Homepage” of a website, and to attract followers, it should be optimised. You should have an appropriate bio, a proper username and a clear profile image. Also, you should include the right image captions with matching hashtags. It will help in brand identification.

You can add the link in your bio to drive Instagram traffic to your website. You should keep it aesthetic and uncluttered. Focus on providing a better user experience. If your brand name is more prolonged, shorten it up as per your audience’s understandability. Avoid adding numbers or special characters anywhere in your feed as they are not easy to search.

If you are unsure how to optimise your Instagram account, contact social media agencies in Liverpool.

2. Write the Post Captions for Search: Optimising your Instagram post captions is an essential step for optimising your Instagram account. It makes you reach the target audience and turn them into followers. You can add keywords and hashtags as they will make you searchable. If you are new to the Instagram world, you can also take the help of caption templates.

3. Add Keywords in your Account’s Bio: One of the most effective though ignored tactics to increase your Instagram followers is adding keywords to your Bio section. It will make you searchable for your target audience and help Instagram understand more about your work. For example, if you are a social media marketing company in UK, you can include keywords like “Social Media marketing in UK”, “Social Media Company” or “Marketing on Social Media in UK” in your Bio section. We suggest including your niche or industry to help people know what solutions you offer.

4. Take the help of Instagram Reels: Instagram Reels offers a fantastic opportunity to grow followers. These are short-form, loop videos that allow reaching the target audience most interestingly. They increase the visibility as they reach the audience who are already looking at a similar kind of content.

Experimenting with the popular Instagram trends can also help increase your followers and visibility. And the best thing is that any brand or individual can try the reels out and experiment with their content based on the audience’s interest. You can add the right keywords and hashtags, play with trending sounds, keep reels short and snappy, create something original, add on-screen text and offer high-quality video footage as they are most effective.

5. Create Highly-Shareable content: Shareable content is a great way to reach your target audience organically. Here, we are talking about inspirational quotes, memes, informational carousel posts and other such content as they generally help your posts go viral. Memes alone have a vast reach and are trending in this popular culture. They are funny or clever, and people quickly connect with them. You can try to create a balance between trending visuals, sentimental posts and something that matches your brand’s niche whenever focusing on making your content searchable.

6. Create Instagram Challenges: People love to take challenges; that’s why, you should focus on creating Instagram challenges. It is widespread, and you can see them frequently appearing on Instagram reels nowadays. And if your challenge becomes successful, it can reach thousands or millions of target audiences while increasing your followers.

To make your Instagram challenge post successful and get the best results, you should make the participation easy, create your own hashtag relating it to the challenge and focus on what people will enjoy participating in.

7. Make your content accessible: The easiest way to make your content accessible is by keeping all kinds of people in the world. There are approximately 430M people in the world who are deaf and about 2.2B people with partial or total blindness. While creating the content on Instagram, you should also focus on how to reach these people. Here are a few ways you can keep in mind:

  • Add Subtitles to your video content.
  • Write descriptive alt text on each post.
  • Verbalizing the visual details or adding descriptive audios in each story or video.
  • Capitalising each word of Hashtags so that screen-readers can read them properly.

8. Collaborate with Influencers: You should collaborate with the influencers to grow your brand. It will not break the bank as most effective partnerships are straightforward and beneficial. Also, if the famous influencer’s followers found your brand relevant, they would love to connect with you. And who knows that the same influencer would become your brand ambassador in future.

Remember that you do not always have to work with supersize influencers; instead, nano and micro-influencers with higher engagement rates can offer the best results. You can customise your influencer marketing strategy depending on your budget.


Growing your Instagram followers is just like an uphill battle, but you can definitely achieve your goal with the help of the right strategies. You should keep designing creative content that reaches the target audience and follows the trends. Add the right hashtags and keywords to it, and you are good to go. You can also connect with Hintt, the digital marketing company in Liverpool, and let us help you get more Instagram followers organically. For more details, contact us now!



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