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How to increase followers on Instagram in a few minutes

Nov 21 2020

How to increase followers on Instagram in a few minutes

The popularity of Instagram is growing every day, more and more users post photos. It becomes more difficult to gain popularity on this social network, but knowing how to get a large number of subscribers, you can make your publications the most popular. The rating of posts on Instagram depends on the number of likes received. The more people viewed the publication and put the mark “Like”, the correspondingly, the higher the rating of this photo will be. How can you achieve this? Popular hashtags are used by the majority of users and therefore getting into the top 10 posts will be problematic, especially among Instagram users with a large number of subscribers.

Many people want to be popular in Instagram, but when they look at the number of their subscribers, they immediately realise that popularity is still far away. Therefore, we want to look at several proven methods of how to speed up this process. As a reputed Social Media Marketing Agency in Liverpool, we will tell you how to get a lot of followers on Instagram or in order to promote your profile yourself.

Identify your NICHE and stick to it

One of the most important success factors that you should consider is the niche in which you operate. You already have a well-edited collection; now all that remains is to figure out which Instagram niche you fit into. This will become especially important when it comes to accessing other channels. When visiting your page, visitors should immediately determine what you do and what you specialize in. This gives subscribers an idea of ??who you are: they will choose you based on how consistent you are and how different you are from others in your niche

Your profile must be interesting

This means that there should not be posts of the same type - different people will read you, and therefore you should not go into one topic. Placing different photos with different focuses and themes will help make your profile interesting to a wide range of people.

Less text

People don't come to read Instagram, they watch it. Pictures with a lot of text will not get the required number of likes, and the constant use of pictures with text will scare away users rather than attract them.

Competent description

A competent description is 50% of success. You shouldn't create “sheets” from hashtags - their abundance is hard to read. It will be sufficient to use up to 5 pieces in the photo. The simple text should not be overused either - it is rarely read, and the desired meaning can be concisely conveyed in three to five words. Photos with short descriptions take less time to view and are much more popular.

Humour and creative

Each post is an opportunity to open up new horizons.  You don't have to make a collection of jokes out of your profile to increase the number of subscribers. Funny pictures and photos relax readers; make them share photos with their friends. The only thing to avoid is policy discussions.  Be yourself, go and shoot what is personally important to you. Instagram is a great way for creative expression. As long as you love what you do, are filled with enthusiasm and remain yourself, without losing your unique creative streak, people will find you and subscribe to you - to a person who is so close to them in spirit.

Use high quality and harmonious photographs

It is impossible to attract new people with low-quality photos. The only exception will be profiles of already popular users. To increase the popularity of your Instagram profile, you need to make it enjoyable to view. Posting a high quality photo will help with this. Photos should be easy to perceive and not create a lot of stress. Using moderate tones, warm filters help to facilitate perception.

Integration with other social networks

This option will help you find familiar users on other social networks. When you subscribe to them, the probability of mutual subscription is much higher than when you subscribe to strangers.

Asking short Questions

By asking short questions in the description, you can collect a large number of comments and likes. For example, when posting photos of prospective purchases, ask what is better to choose. The high activity of subscribers will also be in those profiles where the author wants to get advice or an answer to a question.

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