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How to use hashtags effectively on social media?

Feb 24 2022

How to use hashtags effectively on social media?

Brands use Social Media platforms to promote their businesses. And hashtags turn out to be a great way to add to their goal. These help in attracting the target audience and driving views, likes and shares. It is hard to believe how a previously known to be pound sign ‘#’ can make discovering content this much easier.

To drive the best results from hashtags, it’s important to use them wisely. Hintt, being the social media marketing company in the UK, has brought you a guide to understand more about hashtags and how to use them effectively on social media.

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags, first introduced in the world in 2007 by Twitter, are effective symbols that indicate for users and social media platforms algorithm that your content focuses on a certain topic and falls in a defined category. It makes the content easy to discover for an audience who are looking for related data.
Daily, thousands of images are shared on social media platforms, and it becomes hard to make an impact in the crowded online world. Even there are possibilities that it will only reach your followers. So, here, the hashtag could help by working as a keyword and reaching people who are not even your followers or fans. It can be written within a post caption or in the comment section to facilitate the search for it.
For example, if you are a digital marketing company in the UK and want to attract their target audience to a post related to their services, they can use the #digitalmarketingservicesinUK, #digitalmarketingcompany or simply #digitalmarketing.

How to use Hashtags on Social Media?

1. Be Specific and Unique: Being a business owner or marketer, you should reach a specific community using hashtags. And for this, you have to find specific and unique hashtags. It can’t be way too generic because most people are already using the same. For example, you can’t use #SEO or #Marketing and expect the right target audience to find you. Rather, you can mention the specific location name, like #MarketinginUK, to specify your focus.

Try to hunt for hashtags that are smaller, finely tuned to focus, and appropriate to a brand. It works just like keyword research, and it’s all about finding the right hashtag that connects with a realistic target audience base. Also, make sure that you are using channel-specific hashtags while following best practices to get better results. Marketing tactics also evolve rapidly, so you should focus on being innovative and staying updated with trends

2. Create Brand Engagement: Your hashtags should create brand engagement and connect with the theme. The right hashtag can increase your reach and enhance customer relations. It can make your followers comfortable with the brand and increase the desire to connect with you. It is important to understand the power of hashtags and use them properly. It will offer positive results with better brand engagement when it is relevant.

3. Keep it simple: You should avoid being too creative with hashtags and pick something that people are already searching for. There are a lot of hashtags used on social media platforms, and you have to pick the most relevant and specific out of them.
You should avoid using difficult to spell or long hashtags as they will never offer good results. Also, you can’t use unclear and way too generic hashtags. Rather, go for something short, precise and simple. It should be as per the topic and connect with the audience base. We suggest you check what your audience is already searching for and add them to the social media posts.

4. Research before using: Just like keyword research requires time and effort, hashtag research also requires a good amount of research. You should ensure that your keyword is not used for any wrong reasons because you can’t afford any negative promotion. Here, also neglect the controversial hashtags and avoid careless tagging. You can use the right tools for hashtag research or take professional help.

5. Avoid overuse and stuffing: Hashtags are important in the world of social media, but to get the best results from them, you have to avoid using them multiple times. You should even avoid using too many hashtags in your posts as it will create clutter.

Each social media platform has its decided hashtags frequency, and crossing the same can lower the engagement. Here is the hashtag frequency of each platform:

  • Facebook: 2 hashtags
  • Twitter: 2 hashtags
  • TikTok: 4-5 hashtags
  • Pinterest: 2 hashtags
  • Instagram: 30 hashtags, but don’t use more than 9.

Note: You can use more hashtags, but try to keep the number close to the requirement for better engagement.

Final Words:

Thanks to Twitter for introducing hashtags to the world. It has removed the limitation of simply connecting with the followers or fans and enhanced the target audience base. And whether you are new on social media or a seasoned veteran, you can choose the right hashtag and broader your social media post’s reach. You can choose content hashtags, trending hashtags or brand-specific hashtags as per your requirements. Doesn’t matter that you are active on which social media platform; knowing how to use hashtags wisely could change your marketing game.

If you are a busy business owner or you need assistance while using hashtags on social media, you can contact Hintt. We are one of the top Social Media agencies in Liverpool that can help you with social media calendar plans, adding the best hashtags in each posting, and developing an overall social media strategy. So give us a call today!











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