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Importance of Google My Business Listing & its Creation

Dec 29 2021

Importance of Google My Business Listing & its Creation

Google Search Engine gets billions of users each day whose prime goal is to find relevant information. Whether it’s the information related to a local coffee shop or a digital marketing company in the UK, Google offers genuine results to each user.

Now, we all know how Google works and how it decides which website is most relevant for the searchers; but have you ever thought about how businesses optimize their services or pages on Google and make it more searchable? This is where ‘Google My Business’ helps. It is a free internet-based service designed by Google for small, medium, and large scale businesses who want to promote themselves online and gain visibility.

This blog will talk about how Google My Business Listing is important and how to create it. But before that, let’s discuss what Google My Business actually is.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is like a virtual phone book that allows people on Google to easily find more information about you. It is a listing tool that updates Google about a company and its contact data, and then the search engine puts the same data in an attractive and easy-to-use format for its users. This listing displays on the right-hand corner on the desktop and at the top of the search results on mobile phones.

Google Business Listing, also called as Business Profile, includes 9 elements:

  •     Photos
  •     Website Links
  •    Description
  •    Review and Ratings
  •    Address
  •    Category
  •    Hours
  •    Questions and Answers
  •    Phone Number

Importance of Google My Business Listing:

  1.  It improves online visibility: Google My Business Listing is the simplest way to take your business online. It allows you to appear in the Maps and display your business’s name in the top-right on the page, which helps to grab the target audience’s attention. This listing takes a huge amount of real estate on the search results and is the first thing anyone will notice because they appear on the top. Even by completing your GMB profile, you can increase your chances of being found.
  2. It ensures online consistency: Google My Business helps keep your customers updated and educated with your services. You can update your phone number, website URL, addresses, and social media links in your listing and keep your customers in the loop. Even if there is any update in any of the above information, you can edit from the managing page and maintain consistency.
  3. It gives you a chance to update images- away to leave a good first impression: You can add images or videos to your Google My Business listing and make it look updated, modern and tech-savvy. The potential customers can check your images at any time and visually understand more about your store, product or services. Based on that, they can also set an expectation of what they can expect.
  4. It improves SEO: Google My Business is a powerful tool to improve the SEO of your business. It does not just allow you to insert your contact details but also to optimize the overall business listing. Additionally, when your business will show on the top with relevant details (which usually happens with Google My Business), the chances of being clicked will increase automatically. Even it allows Google to understand more about your business.
  5. It hosts the Customer Reviews: Google My Business also allows people to leave reviews and ratings about your business. Every customer can share their experience, which can help further customers to understand more about your services. Even if you get bad reviews, you can reply to them and work on that side of yours. Try to gain the trust of the potential customers through your reviews and reply to keep a step further to your business goal.
  6. It helps gain customer insights: Google My Business allows you to gain customer insight and understand how they find your business. Also, it provides you with data like listing views, where and how they find your listing, action taken by them, and how they interacted with you, which you can further use for optimization.
  7. It is the future of online marketing: Google search engine is growing and expanding constantly. It adds fresh data and online features daily on its platforms to provide the best experience to its users. It even works amazingly for all businesses and allows them to increase their sales and brand awareness. So, by having a Google My Business listing, you can improve your online branding and take advantage of this powerful and free tool of Google.

How to create Google My Business Listing?

Step 1: Set up a new Google Account: It is important to have a Google Account, which is free to create, to get started with the process. To create a Google Account, you have to have a Gmail Id, using which you can start building your business profile.

Step 2: Go to Search for; it will take you to the Google My Business page, where you can click on ‘Manage Now’ to get started with the process.

Step 3: Decide a Business Name: You can give your Business a unique name and click on the ‘Next’ button.If your business name is already claimed by anyone else, you can click on the ‘Request Access’ button and fill up a form with the required details. Once done, you will receive a confirmation on your Gmail account, and Google will contact you through the same. This process takes up to 7 days.

Step 4: Provide the Address of your store or business: You will be asked where your business is located; here you have to provide the exact address, including Country, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code.If you don’t have any store or office where your customers can visit, leave the address section blank and select ‘Hide My Address’. It will take you to the next step.

Step 5: Provide the Service Area: Mention the location where your services are accessible. You can enter one or more areas in this section.

Step 6: Select the Business Category: Choose the business category that tells the most about your product or service. It will even decide where and when your business will appear on Google. Once done, click on ‘Next’.

Step 7: Mention Contact details – Phone Number and website URL: In this step, you have to provide your phone number and website link. It will allow potential customers to directly contact you.

Step 8: Verify your Google My Business account: To finish the process, click on ‘Finish’ and complete the Google My Business verification. Here, you need to complete postcard, phone, and email verification to get started.

Now, you have your own Google My Business Account.


By clearly understanding Google My Business and how its listing helps, you can take your business to the next level. However, some people face difficulty while setting up and optimizing the Google My Business account. So, here, you could look for a partner who can help you with the same.

The Hint is a digital marketing and SEO Company in Liverpool that ensures your Google My Business Listing is up-to-date and accurate for potential customers and search engines. We are committed to strengthening your business growth and ensuring customer satisfaction by customizing our services depending on your requirements.

So, Contact us today and understand more about Google My Business Listing and how we can help you with it.



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