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Internet Marketing

Jun 26 2020

Internet Marketing

The basics of Internet Marketing                                              

Endorsing your brand through online channels, while adding value for customers at each step of their virtual journey, is essential.  The internet is growing in momentum as the supreme marketing medium, with 1.5 billion global users of social media and over 1.6 billion consumers that shop online each year. Here are some essential activities that are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing.

An outstanding website

The aim of your digital marketing campaigns should be to establish a brand persona that reflects the desires of your target audience while having a more profound impact than competitors.  When choosing a web development company, keep in mind that, as your first point of contact with prospective customers, your website design needs to stimulate engagement from the get-go; therefore, a simple, user-friendly approach is crucial! For instance, you must put yourself in the shoes of the user and ensure that they have access to the information they want as soon as they land on your homepage, through well-formatted, uncluttered, and aesthetically minimalist website architecture. Research shows that visitors backpedal if the site takes over 3 seconds to start loading; therefore, it’s paramount to make sure that credibility is established through indicators of security such as HTTPS.

A fool-proof SEM Strategy                                                                                                

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a key medley of techniques to make sure that your online services are easily discovered amidst the generated results, as in over 90% of instances, businesses are found when customers type in specific keywords into a search engine. There are twofold SEM avenues that lead to increased rankings and web traffic; for instance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic method of optimizing your website through the strategic use of explicit keywords, building credible links, and proffering a superior user experience on a computer or mobile device. Paid Advertising is also a significant part of SEM, and Paid-per-click ads typically generate twice the initial investment, while remarketing on different sites visited by customers has a 70% greater chance of converting leads.

Social Media Engagement

According to recent statistics, over 90% of companies confess that they cannot do without social media channels to amplify their brand’s voice to reach their target audience. Depending on your chosen market segment, the nature of your content and your purchasing funnel position, it’s essential to tailor an optimized SM strategy across different platforms to achieve the best response. For instance, Facebook is great for creating awareness through Ads and build a loyal community of customers, Instagram is great for experimenting with innovative visual content geared towards Millennials, and LinkedIn is vital to building B2B connections and establishing an authoritative persona within your industry.

Email Campaigns

Circulating newsletters, product updates, and targeted information in a manner that is well spaced out and customized towards different market segments is a wonderfully cost-effective way of catapulting leads. You can obtain essential customer details such as their email address by enticing them to register with exclusive offers, such as a free gift or express shipping.


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