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Common myths about SEO marketing

Jun 06 2020

Common myths about SEO marketing

4 common myths about SEO marketing

For all those who don’t know, Search Engine Optimisation is simply, increasing web traffic by making the website visible to the targeted audiences. It is a simple, yet effective digital marketing tool used by digital marketing agencies to help websites get noticed by search engines.

However, while this is what SEO is about, there are a few things that SEO is not. Here are the 4 most common misconceptions about SEO marketing you should sidestep when using it for your business.

1.SEO is about keywords, and keywords only

Creating a successful SEO campaign is almost as complicated as a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle if you believe it is only a keyword game. The truth is, while keywords are the utmost crucial factor, there are more aspects you should look into such as the quality of your content, earned shares, and overall reliability of the website or article. Remember, when it comes to SEO, it’s quality as well as quantity. So, don’t make the mistake of increasing the keyword density, but increase the quality of your content to attract your potential customers.

2. It is a one-shot deal

The myth that SEO marketing gives instant results cannot be further from the truth. We’ve had many clients tell us that they expect their web traffic to increase overnight. They believed this is only a one-time thing but, in reality, SEO takes from weeks to months to show expected results. This is caused by many reasons. The most common factor that determines the success of SEO is the competitiveness of keywords. In competitive markets, many businesses are fighting to rank first, and that makes the process hard and complicated but with the right strategy, it is indeed, possible. As the saying goes, good things take time.

 3. SEO is a scam

Although this myth is simply outrageous, we understand why one would think so. SEO is a highly technical digital marketing tool. Everything happens at the backend and all that we do is not crystal clear to all parties either. Sounds shady?

However, we can measure the success of an SEO campaign through results and results only. It may be web traffic but to prove that the investment is working for your client, you might need to have more tangible leads such as an increase in sales or even the number of calls received.

What is most important in planning an SEO campaign is to set realistic goals so that everyone is on the same page. Show progression to the set goals and soon, your clients will start believing in the power of SEO.

4. It’s only about being #1

 Daily, we meet clients who struggle to rank #1 on the Search Engine Results Page, naively thinking only the #1 result is what matters. Studies show that the #1 link gets around 35% of clicks at first but dramatically falls to 15% to 10% and after a few months, to the bottom of the page.

This is mostly due to the poor quality of content that is not convincing enough to keep the audience engaged. So, when people don’t see what they want, they click the link below it until they find a reliable source of information.

 So, being #1 is not the only thing but coupling that with great content might just be everything.

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