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Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020

Sep 25 2020

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020

Social media has developed rapidly over the years, and development means this change. For example, Facebook has been controversial due to algorithm changes and privacy issues. Instagram has finally launched its own set of commercial features, and it has also broken the one billion user mark. Brands have also become more and bolder on social media, launching various controversial marketing activities, because social media users want to see more authentic brands. Therefore, your brand needs to have its own social media marketing strategy to respond to these changes and achieve marketing goals.
HINNT, as a youngest social media agency in Liverpool, share some vibrant steps on the formulation of Social media marketing strategies such as identifying goals, attracting audiences and optimizing results. 

1. Set Feasible Social Media Marketing Goals 

Primarily, you must be aware of your exact need from social media.  Is it a group of users active in social media, or to further expand your brand's influence on social media. But whatever it is, remember that social media marketing is a long-distance running race. You should work hard to set the goal that challenges you the most, but at the same time, it should not be too unrealistic. By setting feasible and challenging goals, you can carry out your social media marketing work in a reasonable and adequate budget. 

2. Research Your Audience

 It is very dangerous for marketers to think that users are like. Now that there are a lot of demographic data and various social media analysis tools, you really don’t need to make assumptions about yourself. The outcomes of such analysis directly indicate which social media your brand should use and the type of content to be published. Here are some key points: 
Facebook and YouTube are the top choices for advertising, partly because they have a large user base;  Most of Instagram users are under 30, which means that it needs bold, bold and personalized content; The number of women on Pinterest far exceeds that of men. In addition, social shoppers on Pinterest have high per-customer prices; 
LinkedIn's user base is well-educated, and the content posted on it must have perspectives and depth. Knowing the demographic data of each social media channel, you need to further analyze the audience that belongs to your brand. Each social media channel has its own analysis panel such as Facebook Insights; from there you can know who is following your brand and how they are interacting with your brand. There also available some third-party analysis tools which provide a data comparison of your brand in various social media channels, and intuitively tell you which channels you should spend your energy on. 

3. Establish metrics

Regardless of the type of business, social media marketing strategies should be data-oriented, which means establishing corresponding metrics. Here are the commonly used indicators of social media marketing:
Reach: Post reach is the quantity of unique viewers who see your brand’s posts. How far has your post spread across social networks? Has it entered into the user's feed? Faced with the ever-changing natural algorithms of various social media platforms, tracking reach can be said to be more important than ever.

Clicks :  This refers to the total clicks of your brand's social media posts, company name, and logo. Link clicks are essential in understanding how users pass through your social media marketing channels. Tracking the number of clicks for each Campaign is crucial to understanding what motivates users to become curious or desire to purchase your product or service. 

Engagement: It is a measure of the number of engagements ( likes , conversations, zoom) you have received for each post within a certain period of time. This metric reflects the fans’ views on your brand and their willingness to interact. This indicator has a very important impact on the reach of your posts. 

Hashtag performance: Use a word or phrase to summarize your activity. This hashtag is best used for the first time, or it has not yet become a hot tag. Do some research and check on multiple social networking sites to see if the hashtag you selected is already very popular. If so, please change it decisively. 

Organic and paid likes: There are two types of fan acquisition on social media platforms: natural and paid. Social media advertising can refer to paying to "boost" your organic posts so that more people can see it, or to create a specific campaign that displays as a sidebar banner or feed, and It will be provided to the audience that meets the targeting criteria. 

Sentimentality: This is a way of assessing how users respond to your content, brand or Hashtags. Have fans noticed your recent activities? What type of emotions do they associate with your activities? These are very helpful for you to research and understand how people talk about your brand. 

4. Competitors' Behavior Analysis

Its purpose is to accurately judge the strategic positioning and development direction of competitors, and on this basis, predict competitors’ future strategies, accurately evaluate competitors’ responses to the organization’s strategic behavior, and estimate competitors’ ability to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Analysis of competitors is an important method to determine the strategic position of an organization in the industry.  

After identifying some industry competitors, you can use social media competition analysis tools to quickly compare the performance of your competitors with your own performance. Check out their engagement on social media.  Analyse and optimize your plan accordingly.

Competitive analysis of sprout social : You can also use Sprout's advanced social listening function (Listening). With this feature, you can focus on unfiltered consumer feedback about competitors and their products and services. With social listening, you can also discover honest conversations about your brand and get important information you might miss.

5. Search for a striking Content Plan

Content marketing is simply a process of transforming strangers into customers. It is very suitable for any business; it has many options to create diverse content and tailor-made strategies. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, drive traffic, win more customers, or build an online reputation, content marketing is a powerful part of every aspect. Similarly, you also need to have a good plan for which social channels the content will be published to. 

Create a private theme: You can promote content in a variety of ways without blindly copying and pasting content titles and URLs. Try different types of posts and find the one that best suits your business. In order to make the content posted more clear and creative, you should pay more attention to social media trends.

UGC and interactive content: Let your fans stand for your brand by encouraging users to generate and publish content. By using hashtags or posting photos, inspire the users to participate in content is the best tactic to increase engagement.

 Stories and time-sensitive content: Using the FOMO (fear of missing out) of your followers, Stories content on Instagram and Facebook will become more and more important. In short, Stories are both communicative and unmissable. By default, this information will first pop up in the follower’s feeds. Such content can help your brand account "jump the boundaries" and stay fresh in your audience. Stories are much helpful in making your  social activities more sensual. The boom in the social video will not stop anytime soon. Various forms of feature films and short films continue to dominate all social platforms.

6. Keep Timeliness 

You can't expect users to revolve around your point in time. Publish at the best time and participate in time. It’s wise to choose the right time to post on social media, but post-post interaction is equally important. With the right social media monitoring tools, you can interact, respond to and evaluate users around the clock across all social media channels.

7. Team formation and Communication; the key to success.

As a conclusion, it is a fact that, due to the increasingly fierce market competition, high-performance and combat-capable teams are particularly important to the development and growth of enterprises and organizations. How to make 1+1 greater than 2, how to detonate the team, the correct answer is to carry out effective team building.
According to the research results of relevant research institutions, whether a team can communicate effectively has become the key to the success of an enterprise. If they are unable to communicate and collaborate effectively, which leads to increased internal friction, frequent personnel changes, and thus lowered team efficiency. Therefore, effective internal communication is the key to success.

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