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Strategies to optimize social media platforms

Jul 21 2020

Strategies to optimize social media platforms

While at face value, a stellar social media campaign can help escalate leads and conversion rates, designing an effective plan also helps you connect with your target market on a deeper level. Here are five guidelines to help you build a loyal online community around your brand values.

List down your goals

The perks of Social Media Optimization (SMO) range from enhancing brand awareness and increasing customer satisfaction through a 24/ 7 customized service to driving relevant web traffic and conversions. A debatably more crucial function of SMO is to heighten your capacity to create value at every step of the customer’s online journey, establishing yourself as a credible authority your audience trusts and refers others to. If you want to avoid wasting marketing dollars, it is essential to establish SMART objectives along with innovative strategies that complement your target market segment and the chosen SM networks. It’s also vital to remember that different platforms will cater to different aspects of your vision. For instance, Twitter is ideal for springing surprises like flash promotions, whereas Facebook is great for generating quality leads and building a strong virtual community.

Design a compelling profile

Sparking engagement from the outset is a rule of thumb in the competitive arena of Social Media, and this can via crafting a profile with an exciting persona that is relatable to your target audience. Designing a brand-centric profile requires you to keep your customers in mind; so that you can provide them with key information with minimum searching and build an instantaneous connection. For instance, don’t miss out on including your company logo on original content, make sure your theme is classy and consistent, and integrate subtle keywords and calls to action into your bio, for example, to direct traffic to your website or related pages.

Pay attention to keywords and trends

After designing a detailed Social Media Masterplan, you have to immerse yourself in the dynamic virtual world, from joining niche networking groups, observing what inspires your target audience, and coming up with compelling hashtags to collaborating with influencers who share the same ethos as your brand. Hiring a web development company with SEO expertise will come in handy as a high-quality SMO strategy can improve search engine rankings via backlinks and SEO techniques such as keyword searches are essential to target the right customers.

Optimize quality content

Showcasing stimulating, informative, and shareable content suited to the context of each channel is a hallmark of prime SMO, and it’s crucial to automate posting schedules at the right times and frequencies that will lead to optimal engagement. If you’re enlisting the expertise of a digital marketing company in Liverpool, UK, make sure they are well-versed in Social Media algorithms, optimize ads and target specific audience personas so that no resources are lost on irrelevant consumer segments.

Track your response

Finally, it is quintessential to select the relevant assortment of metrics that will present an accurate picture of how well you are meeting your goals and to test out new tactics based on Social Media Analytics results. For instance, this could include changing the ratio of original versus curated content or focusing more on catering campaigns to target demographics and behavioural patterns.

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