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Tips to make your social media profiles more compelling

Jul 18 2020

Tips to make your social media profiles more compelling

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity to stay afloat in the ruthlessly competitive arena of digital marketing.  A good SMO strategy helps to level the playing field, with diverse tools to engage qualified leads while indirectly boosting search engine rankings.  Here’s how to stand out in the virtual world by crafting a stimulating profile.

Emphasize on branding

Designing a profile that reflects your brand personality and placing key features such as the logo, business name, slogan, and bio in the spotlight is crucial to instantly engage your target audience, leading to enhanced brand recognition. It takes 7 seconds to cement the first impression; therefore, you need to make sure to pin your best posts for optimal visibility, maintain a consistent theme, and include videos, pictures, and infographics that are stamped with your brand’s distinctive visuals. While aesthetics are crucial, it’s also important to take practical precautions. For instance, ensure that the resolution of your posts is crystal-clear even after zooming in and that your logo is identical across different networks.

Optimize your content

Any expert digital branding agency in Liverpool will testify that sporting linkable content, which is easily accessible and strategically placed; for example, near calls to action like share buttons and shoppable posts can amplify SEO.  When you include entertainingly educational business articles on LinkedIn, inspiring videos on Facebook or YouTube, and eye-opening blogs, content creators who see these posts as credible and relevant will link back to your work. Once Google detects that your site is considered as a niche authority, with people buzzing around your contributions, it will increase your page rankings. Peppering your bio with keywords and trending hashtags is also important while maintaining a stimulating personality, using upbeat language that holds people’s attention and interest.

Integrate your other Social Media

Online marketing also requires showcasing strategic links, for example, on LinkedIn and Facebook it is essential to have an easily visible portal to your website or create a customized landing page for each of your active channels.  For instance, your Instagram landing page can entice customers to shop your feed with your most popular product posts while also tracking which social networks drive in the most traffic.  Additionally, if you want to expand your email list and improve on customized emails to different segments, you can include a landing page for your newsletter, that gives customers a special gift or discount code for signing up.

Manage your projected image

News spreads like lightening on social media; therefore, it is quintessential to be responsive to positive and negative comments alike, monitor what type of posts you are tagged in, and ensure that your handles and descriptions are consistent across platforms. It’s also vital to double-check whether you have completed all the fields in your profile description as customers will want to gain a deeper understanding of your brand’s back-story, vision, and unique value proposition before hopping on board! Last but not least, spread positive vibes by advocating for causes that align with your brand values, and don’t always expect something in return!

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