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The art of integrating social media into your email marketing strategy

Jun 19 2021

The art of integrating social media into your email marketing strategy

Combining the engaging nature of social media with a personalized email strategy based on target market insights is a great way to entertain high-interest clients with something fresh and unique.  Here’s how you can cinch your conversion goals and optimize results across email and social platforms without doubling the time, marketing dollars, and resources spent.

Setting goals and metrics

Not all platforms are the perfect fit for your brand and target market, and any digital marketing company in the UK will tell you to be selective based on how you can add value at every stage of the purchasing journey.  For example, if you’re a luxury artisan boutique selling aesthetic products from handcrafted jewellery to marble cheeseboards; it’s a good idea to display a sneak peek of your Pinterest portfolio.  But if you run a media outlet or logistics company, the rapid-fire style of Twitter is more suitable. The hallmark of any worthwhile strategy is mapping out SMART campaign objectives, whether it’s driving viral social reach through building trust-based connections or saving costs via retargeting ads based on email click-through rates.  Choosing the relevant analytics tools to keep track of is also paramount, from open and click-through rates to progress with conversions, list growth, and forwards/shares.

Cleverly embedding subscription forms

It’s quintessential to put yourself in your target consumer’s mindset when blending dynamic social posts with trustworthy email communications.  Before pursuing any email marketing gimmick, any experienced web development company would encourage you to segment your mail list according to buyer characteristics such as specific buying patterns or their purchasing funnel stage.  As long as you’ve provided the right incentives, obtaining user email addresses directly via social platforms is a breeze.  For example, these could showcase social proof and content snippets with the promise of free resources, value-added deals, and customized tips. Another avenue is creating exclusive groups on more laser-focused marketing platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn for high-value customers who subscribe, offering special community benefits such as gifts, discount codes, or a free pass to webinars, demos, and eBooks.

Liven up emails with social updates

According to Statista, in 2020, more than 4 billion people were using email globally, and almost half of these active users find it beneficial for updates and promotions. While it’s exciting to try out new things to spice up the somewhat staid medium of email marketing, don’t forget that its chief purpose is providing a reliable portal into a user’s favourite e-commerce world. According to Hubspot, 80% of corporate professionals believe that their email strategy is the cornerstone for customer retention, whereas 54% of top-of-the-funnel users take to social media to research a brand.  Therefore, most users aren’t looking for as much pizzazz on the former channel, just an attractive concise snapshot of the brand’s latest.  Keeping this in mind, brands must maintain the personal touch of email marketing while ensuring that target users get a whiff of what’s trending on social platforms through live updates.

Incorporate social proof and UGC

Never underestimate the significance of shared customer experiences in converting leads.  Research shows that over 67% of potential customers browse through product reviews before purchasing, so save your leads the trouble by strategically incorporating social proof in your emails.  For example, this could include first-hand quotes or interviews of satisfied customers, influencers unboxing your latest product,  or user-generated content of customers enjoying your top-rated products.

Make it a key step for ‘giveaways’

A sure-fire way of enticing your social followers to subscribe to your email list is to make it a condition to enter a virtual event, especially effective on aesthetic and upbeat platforms like Instagram. For example, if you’re collaborating with a group of popular companies or influencers on a giveaway or contest, make sure they not only have to like and follow all the relevant pages and share the post but also link them to a brief pop-up form that requires their email. In general, slipping in links to social posts is great for generating passive follows via email, especially when accompanied with “teasers” of your latest content without giving too much away!


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