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The link between e-commerce and social media strategies

Aug 27 2020

The link between e-commerce and social media strategies

If you’re business looking to upgrade your virtual persona, target the right customers, and experiment with innovative marketing tactics centring on your online store, optimizing your social media strategy is the way to go.  Here’s how you can integrate your e-commerce website with the diverse offerings of each social platform. 

Driving qualified leads and SEO 

An effective Social Media Masterplan plays a major role in directing relevant traffic to your e-commerce website; therefore, it’s essential to include subtle calls to action and create content that establishes you as an authority in a particular niche. Any experienced digital marketing company will tell you that Social Media Optimization (SMO) indirectly improves SEO, for instance, by showcasing your content to establish its link-worthiness, leading to content creators linking back to your site. Value-added content accompanied by strategically placed share buttons is a great way of boosting brand awareness and instigating a conversation around your product offering, which will alert Google on your increased credibility and relevance. 

Enhancing Consumer Lifetime Value 

Connecting to customers on a more personal level can lead to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships where your Social Media fan base become unofficial ambassadors of your brand. For instance, upgrading customer care leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention.  Additionally, SMO strategies can also influence each stage of the purchasing funnel in a non-traditional way; through creating awareness and boosting engagement via content optimization, which leads to customers following an exciting post-link to your website and making a purchase. Eventually, high-interest buyers will become your biggest online advocates, covering all the touchpoints of the customer buying process. However, it’s not enough to simply like posts and drop in an impersonal comment now and then, if you want your target clients to keep coming back for more, it’s essential to consistently keep in touch with your key accounts using customized strategies that will directly appeal to their preferences.

 Hosting exclusive promotions 

Social Media marketing yields high returns on investment on multiple levels. First, it enables you to direct your marketing dollars at a clearly-defined target audience. For instance, shoppable Instagram posts entice Millennials, and Facebook’s in-built e-commerce option allows you to track customer metrics and identify key traits of potential shoppers to improve targeting and positioning. In addition to this, dedicating promotional activities to individual platforms is a great way to boost customer engagement by making them feel privy to a special bonus from your brand. For instance, time-sensitive activities like flash sales can be effectively broadcasted on channels like Twitter, Pinterest is great to draw in shoppers with value-added visuals, and LinkedIn is ideal for featuring B2B-related webinars topped off with a free product trial! 

Stimulating user-generated content     

While it’s best to enlist the expertise of a premier web development company to help you navigate the intricacies of the online marketing spectrum, don’t forget to take advantage of simple techniques to amplify engagement, which costs next to nothing! For instance, user-generated content is not only uniquely organic but also boosts trust in the authenticity and quality of your brand. It is imperative to come up with incentives for loyal followers and influencers to share hashtags and post pictures, videos, and stories such as the revealing of a new line with exclusive discount codes, try-on hauls, and giveaways featuring your products. 

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