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The Ultimate Guide to Content Repurposing in 2022

Jul 15 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Content Repurposing in 2022

All online businesses know that ‘Content is the King’. Without content, they can’t survive in the competitive online world, where various businesses offer similar services.

A greater marketing campaign starts with engaging content that is uniquely approaching the target audience. And here, you just don’t want the ordinary content, but you have to have the viral content. However, it’s not easy to create new content that can connect with the target audience daily. So, what if we say businesses can do content repurposing? Yes! You heard it right. You can take your old content and serve it to the target audience, making it look unique or you can offer the same old information in a more interesting manner using content repurposing.

Hintt is the SEO Company in Yorkshire that is specialised in content repurposing. We have brought you a complete guide on Content repurposing that will allow you to grow your business in 2022. So, let’s dive in!

What is Content Repurposing?

It is believed that your already published content has a better chance to perform well if you reuse it. The content repurposing concept is all about it.

Content repurposing is a technique of reusing some parts or entire old content to create something better. Using a different format, you can transform your old content entirely and use it to fulfil another business goal. For example, if you have an old but popular blog on your website, you can create a video around the same information. You can add some extra research to it and portray it to your target audience as exclusive new content.

Content repurposing has become a favourite technique of almost every content marketing company in Liverpool because it allows their clients to gain new visibility and reach a new audience base. Using this concept, a business can increase its activeness on almost every online platform. You can also take advantage of it.

Content Creation VS Content Repurposing:

Content creation simply means creating new content each time and publishing it on different platforms. At the same time, content repurposing means reusing the already created content on different platforms and in different forms.

Content creation revolves around topic ideation and keyword research. It may take a lot of time. Being a business, if you don’t want to go for outsourcing content writing services in UK, the whole content creation process could be very tough. So, if you believe in working yourself, you must focus on content repurposing. It can make your content-related work 65% more cost-effective.

Many content creators focus on reusing and repacking the content from older content into new pieces. Here, they are technically ‘recycling’ the content. If the content is recycled and repurposed wisely, it can change the content game magically.

What are the benefits of Repurposing Content?

  1. Efficiency: Repurposing content has removed the hassle of creating the content from scratch. Creating new content each time could be very time consuming and difficult to scale up its efficiency. While repurposing content can remove all the hard work, you can take full advantage of old content by remixing and reformatting it.

  2. Save time: Many content marketing companies in Liverpool stated that a full-length content piece takes about 4 hours to create. It takes a lot of time as you have to research, write and edit. And after all this, you have to market it. So, in order to remove this hassle, you can repurpose the same content many times and save your hours of time. There is no longer a need to create new content every time.

  3. Revive old content: With repurposing content, you can give a new life to your old content by transforming it into a new format. If it doesn’t perform well the first time, you can give it other chances with the right formats and strategies.

  4. Revisit and Recollect: Almost every one of us loves to revisit the old platforms and recollect old memories. By repurposing content, you can allow your audience to read their most loved content pieces in the new form. You can even take out the best parts from your old content, like quotes, and reuse them in social media posts.

  5. Spread link equity: If the content repurposing is done right, it can help your old content get new fresh backlinks from better sources. It will be the best way to improve your website’s overall authority and site-wise rank.

  6. Reach new audience: Through content repurposing, you can take your content to a new audience base. A major reason why content fails is its ineffective distribution. Repurposing can solve this issue and help it publish on the right channels. When more people read it, the chances of your content’s success will increase.

  7. Signal content freshness: Content freshness is all about newly published content. Even though content repurposing doesn’t have completely new information, it looks more updated to the readers. Also, it signals an overall revised content to the search engines. It is a great way for you to get more clicks on the content and improve your website’s ranking.

  8. Increased ROI: Through repurposing content, you can make your content available on different platforms in different ways. It will increase its lifespan and drive more mileage from it.

  9. mproves SEO: Repurposing content improves your website’s SEO instantly. You can use the same popular content and publish it on different social media channels where your audience is more active. In case you have to maintain your online presence without investing a lot of time in content creation, repurposing content can work as a game changer for you. Your presence on more platforms will make you more visible to Search Engines, and eventually, your SEO will improve. If you are unsure how to use repurposing content to improve your SEO, take the help of an SEO Company in Yorkshire.

How to Repurpose Content for SEO?

Whenever you want to repurpose your content to improve your website’s SEO, pay attention to a few things. Here are 3 major steps to follow:

1. Identify the Content to Repurpose: Without having the right content, you can never move forward with the content repurposing process. Now, there are three ways to do so.

Firstly, you can repurpose all the new content you published and distribute it further to maximise ROI. Whenever you choose this way, always have a checklist beforehand with all the major details. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Share the gist of the blog post or its link through newsletters because it will create hype.
  • Create a Twitter thread of the specific content and share the link at the end of the thread.
  • Design the infographics or social media graphics with the gist of the blog post
  • Design the content upgrade in the form of a cheat sheet, template or checklist.
  • Record a podcast episode or audio file with the blog’s content.
  • Create a short explainer video around the blog’s topic and mention the blog’s link below it.

Secondly, you can pick the most popular blog post and use it for content repurposing. If you want to recycle your content and already know that specific content is better than others, you must pay more attention to it. To identify, you can check Google Analytics. The one with better results should be the best choice for you. You can repurpose the chosen content into emails and social media content. You can even extend its content by creating an Ebook around the topic. Don’t forget to create podcast episodes, YouTube videos or newsletter content around it to grab more attention from the target audience.

Thirdly, you can pick the evergreen posts and repurpose them. Evergreen posts are those that provide basic information to the target audience about a certain thing. The basic topics about SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, etc., would work better here.

2. Identify how you want to repurpose your content: There are various ways to repurpose any content. You must identify which way will work the best for you. Here, you should create a checklist with all the potential ways for repurposing content. 2 major ways are:

  • Marketing channels accessible to you
  • Content format’s preference of your target audience.

Based on the checklist and the goal, you can determine which content piece would work well in a specific scenario. If you are unable to identify it yourself, take the help of a content marketing company in Liverpool. They can guide you throughout the content repurposing journey.

Note: Always block the time for content repurposing in the content calendar. It will help you go with the flow and work systematically.

3. Identify the content optimisation way based on platform and audience requirements: The content repurposing works around two key pillars:

Your content should be optimised for the platform you are publishing it on. In content repurposing, you can’t post your content on the wrong platform. For example, if you are posting content on social media, make sure to create its graphic to fit correctly in its size guidelines.

You must tweak repurposed content to make it look unique to your target audience. You have to leave a unique impression on them by repurposing and avoiding the chances of showing similar-looking content everywhere.

Whenever you are repurposing your content on a specific channel, ask yourself: Which is the right kind of content for that channel, what does the audience expect on that specific platform and what kind of topics will look more attractive to them.

10 things you must keep in mind while Content Repurposing in 2022:

  1. Convert your Webinars into Video Tutorials: Webinar content is generally very powerful. You can convert it into a video tutorial as it will help in making your content evergreen and satisfy the visitor’s requirements.

  2. Create the SlideShare Presentations: Some people want to read crisp content. For them, you can convert your content into a presentation. It will look more visually appealing, and your readers can easily digest the information.

  3. Focus on Infographics: Infographics are another powerful tool to repurpose your content. It allows the offering of easy-to-read information colourfully. It will offer the right amount of engagement while making your content more appealing.

  4. Focus on Quora: Quora is a fast-growing platform where people can seek the answer to their questions. You can look for relevant questions and use your existing content to answer them. You can even mention the link to the blog post at the end.

  5. Create Twitter posts: You can tweet the highlight of your content to your audience and mention its link at the end. However, ensure that you mention the catchy image or line in the tweet to improve engagement.

  6. Offer Weekly Newsletters: If you have email subscribers, you can share your content in the form of newsletters with them. Email marketing is a powerful way to showcase your content valuable.  

  7. Design an EBook: You can take the most appealing blog or article topic and convert it into EBook. You can add more information to it and offer the same to the readers. Don’t forget to research well and add relevant stats and images to make your content genuine looking.

  8. Focus on Podcast: Podcast is another medium that is trending vastly nowadays. You can convert your content into a podcast and talk about it. Don’t forget to invite guests or experts on the topic to make the content more credible

  9. .Play with the Old blog’s content: If you have old but very interesting content, make sure to mash it up into a handy guide. You can even mention its link in the new blog to bring traffic to that blog too.

  10. Create the Pinterest Board: You can convert your blog’s content into images and create a Pinterest board. It will attract traffic to the blog and enhance your reach.


Start repurposing content today:

Repurposing content can help content writers and marketers to save time and never neglect their old content. You can use the guide given above to repurpose your content, reach a new audience base and grow your online presence. You just need the right mindset and tools to get meaningful results from content repurposing. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you can outsource the work. Many big brands outsource their content repurposing needs to a digital marketing company in Liverpool to make the work faster, more reliable and scalable.

Hintt is the Content Marketing Company in Liverpool offering content repurposing and content writing services in UK. We can help you create resourceful content and make it accessible to more people. Let us know if we can help you at any step. Our team will offer the possible solution for all the related problems. Contact us now!



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