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Tips For Driving More Website Traffic From Social Media Marketing

Jul 11 2022

Tips For Driving More Website Traffic From Social Media Marketing

Is it still vital to use social media, and if so, should you bother?  Is any social media marketing company in UK still using it? The answer is a big yes!

If you've just launched a company and created social media accounts for your company brand across several networks, then I'm sure that queries like "How can I obtain followers and likes?" are running through your head.

Or, if there is a lot of traffic, you will eventually get to a particular point when you will question yourself: "What strategies can I use to steadily boost that number of visitors?"

Don't be concerned! You should be able to get the answers to all of those questions by reading this article.

Ensure that your social media accounts are optimized

When consumers are interested in learning more about your company, they head to the profile or bio area on your website. It should clearly explain the value proposition of your brand in a concise manner while defining your tone and style.

It is more probable that you will be able to attract the attention of and connect with your target audience if your bio is more unique. However, this should not come at the expense of clarity.

Do not fall into the trap of laying out the whole of your professional history in your bio. There is no need for more than a few lines of explanation. The next step is to link the bio to your website by including a call to action on the main page or landing page of your website.

Make use of social evidence

You may also increase the worth of your site by establishing a good reputation in the social networking world. Social proof incorporates a human element into the experience of using your brand in the same way that reviews and testimonials do.

When someone is on the verge of making a purchase or is shopping for something they desire, they search for reviews, suggestions, referrals, and advice from those who have used the product or service in question before making the buy or making the purchasing decision.

Include information like reviews, social comments, feedback, and so on both your website and inside your social media profiles. Your website's "about us" page may serve this purpose admirably.

Be certain to only utilize social proof for which you have received authorization to repurpose it. Any social media marketing company in UK would vouch for it.

Make use of platforms that aren't as widely used as well

Pinterest and Reddit are two actively expanding social networks that might be helpful depending on your audience and the themes you cover if you want to accelerate the growth of your online traffic and your concentration on social media.


A year-over-year rise of 30 percent brought the total number of monthly users on Pinterest to 478 million in the first quarter of 2021. Pinterest demonstrates its strength as a tool for content marketers by facilitating the discovery of trends and community-based features by users.

Because women make up the majority of Pinterest users, businesses that focus on women as their target demographic will find it to be a useful platform.


Reddit and its 52 million members who are active every day give another possibility for social interaction. You won't have any trouble locating subreddits (also known as forums) that are relevant to your field. Participate actively in the discussions.

You may create relationships by posting your own questions, sharing long-form educational ideas, and commenting on other people's posts. If people believe that your advice is useful, they will want to learn more, and they will most likely visit your website to do so.

Reddit should not be used for direct promotion and marketing in any capacity. Provide value! Nobody wants to read an advertorial that was created with the intention of promoting the author's own business. That will most likely result in unfavorable remarks being posted on the forum.

Get the timing just perfect

If you upload social material when no one connects with it, you won't be able to generate traffic to your website. Determine the best time to visit for the best possible sights. Examine your own data on the optimal time of social media posts rather than relying on industry standards.

Determine the times of day when your audience is most receptive. You may use automated schedulers like Tailwind to get suggestions for the best times to post on social media based on the algorithm and statistics of your individual profile.

Make the sharing buttons more visible

Let's imagine that someone discovered one of your blog posts and found the information to be very fascinating. They mull over the possibility of telling others about it, but they don't immediately see an obvious method to do so. They are leaving.

In order to stop anything like this from occurring and to encourage others to share your material, you should put sharing buttons in close proximity to it. Displaying the total number of shares to date is a good indicator that others have found the content to be worthwhile as well.

Promote your content

The majority of the time, content marketers do not make sufficient use of social media in order to promote their blogs or any other relevant material located on their websites.

You don't want to constantly brag about your material, but you should promote all of your high-quality blog pieces in order to raise their profile and attract more readers. If you need a social media marketing company in London, contact Hintt Utilities for further guidance now!

You may increase the number of visitors to your website by posting snippets or teasers on social media along with a link to the full article. The viewer may be encouraged to check out additional content on your website as a result of this.

In addition, social media is an excellent location to promote previous material that is still current and will pique the interest of new followers. A helpful piece of advice is to promote the same material numerous times, as this will allow you to reach those who may not have seen or noticed it the first time around.

Engage your audience

Be sure that the material you provide on social media focuses on the people you are trying to reach rather than on you. Make available stuff that will be of use to them. Encourage them and motivate them to succeed in order to assist them to reach their goals.

When developing content with the goal of increasing engagement, it is important to emphasize the use of open-ended questions. Pose questions with the intention of eliciting a response.

Ask yes-no questions or go to a multiple-choice format
Carry out a vote
Create interactive quizzes, and give away rewards to the people who do well

Be receptive

Make it a point to respond to each and every one of the comments left on your social postings. Your audience will have the impression that they are respected, and you may even be able to provide a link in your answer to your website that provides further information on the subject being discussed.

One other way to differentiate your brand is to speed up your reactions. It's possible that another firm has a larger marketing budget or produces higher-quality material. Yet, if you're responsive, engaging, and really work to establish connections with customers, your brand will come out on top.

Integrate your customer service into your social media platforms so that your company can quickly answer questions and concerns raised by users. Not only does the experience of the consumer crucial to the customer, but it also provides evidence to prospects about the manner in which your firm will treat them.

Get visible

Users of social media platforms are more likely to react to content that is presented in a visual format, such as an image, infographic, video, or presentation. They are an effective channel for establishing an emotional connection or eliciting a robust response.

They have the potential to make the material you provide more engaging or simpler to take in. If you are unable to achieve the level of visibility that you wish, contact a social media marketing company in London!

Make use of visuals either on their own or in conjunction with the text. You should try to avoid using stock pictures in favor of photographs that are more real and help visitors connect better with the individuals who work for or are serviced by your firm.

Your material may be rethought and presented in a new light using infographics. When translating material that is very extensive or complicated, they are highly beneficial. Check to see if the facts can be understood with only a quick look.

If you don't use infographics, there's a good chance you won't get the spike in shares that they may give.

Create content that is in line with the path that your customers take and take into account how that material might be amplified. The greater the number of people who feel a connection to your brand, the higher the quality of the interaction and the number of followers you will eventually obtain.

It has been shown that live videos bring about much greater engagement. You might connect with your audience by holding a question-and-answer session once a week, for example.

It might take the shape of a typical live presentation, or you could allow members of the audience to submit questions in advance so that you can guarantee that you are well prepared to answer them.

You may also develop video webinars or presentations that are comparable to them, and construct them in such a way that they direct people to your website.

Conduct Extensive Research on Your Rival Companies

Understanding how well your rivals are doing in their own marketing efforts is a real marketing strategy. The same can be said for any marketing approach including social media. You may get insights and performance data on how your rivals are operating by making use of the web tools.

You are able to do an in-depth examination of your traffic with the assistance of the social media competitive analysis. They make it easier for you to collect ideas and crucial performance indicators from the social postings made by your opponent.

Living in the age of social media may be really difficult. Before diving into posting sessions, it's important to first gather in-depth information on your rivals. You now have a crystal clear picture of how you may construct your social family as a result of reading this.

Instead of trying to replicate the techniques of your rivals, focus on learning from them so you can develop your own unique approach. This enables you to assess the movements made by your competitors, such as:

  • The most interesting channels of social media
  • Successful post in a day
  • Strategies to engage more traffic, based on the types of material that are published
  • The frequency with which they participate in activities such as polls and quizzes.

Take Part in Different Social Groups

Join active community groups where there is a strong probability that you will reach the people you are trying to reach. You are able to locate individuals who share your interests and determine whether or not they are likely to be interested in your items.

You may become a member of these groups by signing up on Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. These organizations have the ability to assist you in attracting visitors to your website.

Make a note of the interests, qualities, and personalities that are shared by the people that make up your target market. For instance, if you are a merchant of athletic shoes, your ideal customers would be young people and people who participate in sports.

Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to locate online communities that have the same target demographic. Join such organizations on a personal level and afterward present yourself as an influential member of the community.

Take Away

Although marketing methods based on social media are quite effective, they take some time to bear fruit. These tried and true methods are certain to bring about desirable outcomes in the long run.

To run a successful social media marketing strategy, the only thing that matters is putting the consumer first. Keep in mind that the only way social media can really alter the game for you is if you utilize it in the proper manner.

Many social media marketing agencies UK might help you find the best solution, and get the traffic you need to draw out revenue!




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