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Ways for small businesses to stay digitally competitive

Oct 14 2020

Ways for small businesses to stay digitally competitive

The highly competitive virtual marketing arena, with its demand for constant innovation and amplified exposure, which can make or break brand reputations, can be intimidating to small businesses. Here’s how to drive in relevant leads and boost credibility without dwindling marketing dollars.

Alignment of SMART Goals 

To stimulate actionable and out-of-the-box strategies it is essential to assemble an A-team of company professionals to come up with a plan that seamlessly links digital marketing objectives with overall organizational and departmental goals. An experienced digital marketing company in the UK would advise the setting of clear-cut objectives accompanied by measurable benchmarks after conducting a SWOT analysis to determine leverage strengths and opportunities, cure blind spots, and mitigate risks.  For instance, if you feel like your target market doesn’t consider you as a credible industry expert, a SMART objective could be “publish linkable articles and webinars on LinkedIn to boost engagement by 20% at the end of Q4”. 

Choose the right platforms 

Different platforms can cater to specific aspects of your vision, while certain channels like Facebook enable value addition at each stage of the customer purchasing journey. For instance, Facebook’s feature for clearly defined target audience personas, from their hobbies and buying patterns to their pet peeves, enables brands to avoid costly pitfalls. For example, buyers at the awareness stage will benefit more from a blog post highlighting your unique value propositions than a sales demo advert. Before deciding on your priority platforms, it is essential to determine your brand voice and how efficiently you can reach and engage with dream leads through this medium. For instance, if you’re a premier website development agency in the UK, you can build trust through LinkedIn articles and InMail campaigns, whereas a home décor company can thrive on aesthetic Instagram. 

Optimize a content strategy  

With all the creativity and clamour out there, your high-interest clientele needs a reason to follow you. According to Hubspot, over 97% of marketers affirm that video content has lead to a more profound user understanding of their unique value proposition, and research shows that user-generated content plays a paramount role in trusting a brand and prompting more expensive purchases. Therefore, to optimize relevance and engagement, posts must be authentic, touch on trending topics, and include a mix of content, from live broadcasts to influencer endorsements. 

Amplify SEO the right way 

Many digital start-ups make the mistake of believing that slathering content with keywords and excessive backlinks is the formula for boosting search rankings, regardless of quality or context. The best way to be favoured by the Google algorithm is to create value-added content that is tailored to the target audience demographic. For example, if your e-commerce website has a user-friendly layout that enables visitors to speedily locate the item they’re looking for, or utilize strategic calls to action on different social platforms, and post content with high share-value, you will find your visibility boom. Collaborating with other content creators, such as guest writing on different blogs, can help you access a diverse customer base and drive web traffic. For example, if your e-commerce website enables visitors to locate an item effortlessly, and your social platforms employ strategic calls to action combined with share-worthy content, then your visibility will automatically boom. 

Track relevant metrics 

The ability to fine-tune strategies according to the response of your target audience is one of the chief boons of online marketing. Therefore, reliable analytics tools must be used to monitor the success of an organic post or paid advertisement on different levels, and take note on what works and what doesn’t. 

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