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Web Development Trends 2020

Sep 19 2020

Web Development Trends 2020

Of course, web developers need to grow in an ever-evolving environment; they must adapt to technological changes, keep up with and learn new technologies. The software development industry, like other industries, keeps up with the latest important trends and technologies, and avoids learning immature or unprepared technologies. As a reputed Web Development Company in Liverpool, we summarise a list of foremost technology trends in 2020 and beyond, for your perusal.

Artificial intelligence (AI) – The Chatbots

Why it is recommended to use artificial intelligence in your 2020 plan. There are too many companies that have already used artificial intelligence and have achieved expected returns in terms of profit, brand and popularity. Through AI, all customer questions and concerns can be solved in the best way, greatly improving customer service efficiency and satisfaction. In actual projects, you can put AI on the website to help you analyze and understand the behavior of website visitors, and even use pre-built tools such as smart chat robots known as  ‘Chatbots’. These Intelligent chatbots provide a new channel for user communication and service delivery. In the recent future, the demand for chatbots will become more and more common. The development of these technologies allows the market to touch the digital user experience, ensuring consistency between chat, voice, messaging, and Web applications. So the chat machine and related Artificial Intelligence functions should definitely be integrated with the 2020 projects. Now it became popular among the futuristic Web development companies in UK for the unique reason that it can increase conversion rates.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) 

The main reason why APP surpasses the web is better performance function and experience, and the goal of Progressive web apps is to provide a product experience close to APP. Progressive Web applications provide the same functions as mobile applications, such as offline support, etc. The advantage is that they can be obtained everywhere, without downloading from the App Store or Play Store. Although progressive web applications are still inseparable from browsers, they are suitable for all users because these web applications are built and improved based on open web standards. This cross-platform and hot iterative nature makes web applications at a high level. Progressive web applications are easy to create and can win most of the user experience. It appears like an application-like website, which means that users can access all information and functions without downloading a mobile app. In the upcoming era, the demand for PWA will become more and more common.

Single Page Applications (SPA) 

 As the name suggests, a single page application contains only one page. SPAs present content in a simple, elegant and effective way because it loads all content on one page instead of navigating users to different pages. SPA allows visitors to no longer be restricted by navigation and menus and can adapt to any kind of equipment. In the nearest future, people with no programming experience can easily develop beautiful and easy-to-use websites for your business through specific design and development tools. For the concept of single-page websites, user experience is very important. In the next few years, with the addition of new web standards and animation special effects, fast web products such as single-page websites will become popular.

Java Script Framework

JavaScript's high-level framework, design patterns and library functions have proven that it can provide a lot of things in the market. It is easier and more suitable for developing various functions. More and more web developers are using Java frameworks to create clearer, more responsive and error-free sites. The notable features that distinguish it from other languages are the call-back and closure functions. This is why it is still one of the top trends in web development.

Voice Search Application

Voice search is booming among users because the manual movement can be done by talking to the mobile phone. Before, mobile-phones were used only for verbal communication. Now they play an important role in voice authorization behaviors (such as shopping).  This means that voice search has become a watershed where brands can connect to their target audience. By the development of proper applications, brands can attract consumers’ attention and satisfy their expectations. Voice search is becoming a typical representative of this development trend and is increasingly regarded by search engine giants as a new direction for the future development of search engines.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is in the stage of landing.  Security and browser compatibility is the key concerns of blockchain web development. It is a series of text records (blocks) that are connected and safeguarded by cryptography. This methodology makes it difficult to tamper with the block content or characteristic. The blockchain data solution uses the automatic screening and filtering mode of big data to establish credit resources in the blockchain, which can double the security of transactions and improve the convenience of Internet of Things (IoT) transactions. Save time and cost for the application of smart logistics mode. In the very next future, more web products will integrate blockchain applications.


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