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What is a Responsive Website and how does it benefit in SEO?

Jul 29 2022

What is a Responsive Website and how does it benefit in SEO?

Modern society is using different devices to use the internet. Most of them are shifting from desktop devices and prefer using mobile devices. And to determine that your website works well on each device and you are reaching your target audience properly, you must have a responsive website.

Responsiveness of your website improves the overall user experience and improves your SEO. Search Engines consider responsive websites important in multiple ways. Hintt is the web design company in Liverpool that generally comes across clients who don’t know much about ‘Responsive Website’ and its benefits for SEO. So finally, we have developed a blog that will answer the common questions related to a responsive website. Let’s dive in!

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website that works well on all devices, including mobile, desktops, laptops and tablets. A website that is not responsive is generally at the risk of alienating a significant number of users. Therefore, working on the responsiveness of your website is very important.

A responsive website gives you a competitive edge and helps you make a mark in the digital world. Web development companies in Liverpool are highly in demand because they can create websites that offer a better experience to users through different devices.

What are the benefits of a Responsive Website for SEO?

1. Site Usability: One of the major reasons why you should have a responsive website is that it ensures the usability of your website. Most of the time, users leave a website because they find navigating through its pages difficult. And Search Engines define the website’s quality and value based on the time users spend on the website.

By having a responsive website, you can help your users to easily navigate through each part of the website and offer a better user experience. If the user experience is top-notch, you will get repeat visitors and more chances to convert them into customers.

2. Faster loading speed: As discussed above, search engines prefer websites with a faster loading speed. And one of the major aspects of a responsive website is that it has a better loading speed. In short, the fastest loading speed offered by a responsive website will help you rank higher and improve the overall SEO.

You must pay attention to loading speed on all devices to ensure that your website gets preference in all aspects. With better loading speed, you will also leave a positive impression on visitors. Failing to work on it means you will drop down the website traffic and SEO effect.

3. Lower Bounce Rate: Responsive website ensures that your visitors get the best experience in every aspect. And when they get a better experience, they will tend to stay on your website for a longer time and don’t exit immediately. This overall scenario will lower down the bounce rate (a situation where users spend a short amount on your website or exit immediately after entering it) of your website.

When Search Engines notice a higher bounce rate, it assumes that you are not offering the right answer for the user’s query. It affects your website’s rankings. So, you should have a responsive website, which loads properly, has the right content and design and doesn’t have any negative elements to ensure a lower bounce rate.

4. Better social interaction: Social media doesn’t define the SEO of your website, but it is still very important for marketing. It plays a better role in SEO campaigns and attracts more traffic. However, if your website is inappropriate, the attracted traffic would not like to stay on it. Therefore, you must have a responsive website. It will make content sharing accessible on different social media platforms and offer a better audience base.

More traffic from different platforms means you will get more chances to convert them into customers. Here, a responsive website is a foundation to do so. You must have a website that works well on all devices and offers a sharing button. You can take the help of one of the best web development companies in Liverpool to add a social share button to your website if it doesn’t have one.

5. No duplicate Content: As the same website can be accessed via different devices, most business owners make the mistake of creating a separate website version for each device. This approach creates duplicate content issues. And due to duplicate content, Search Engine crawlers can’t decide which version they should index. However, having a responsive website will solve the entire issue. It will help your website to respond well to all devices, and you don’t have to create different versions. When there are no different versions, your content will remain in a single place.

6. Works around Mobile-First Approach: Search Engines focus on the mobile-first approach while defining the website’s ranking. The simple reason behind it is that more users prefer searching for answers using their mobile devices because they are more accessible. Luckily, your responsive website works around the same approach.

The responsive website has a user-friendly layout that fits well on all devices. It makes the same content accessible to users through anything. When your website works well on mobile devices also, search engines will immediately notice it and assume that you care about your users. It will help you attain a better ranking on search engines.

7. Cost Optimisation: A responsive website is very cost-effective because you must build a single website for all devices. It decreases the hassle of having multiple websites and paying the web design company in Liverpool every time. Also, it only involves payment for only one domain. When you have a single domain, you will be required to host only one URL and update one website only. It will help you save a lot of money, which you can invest in marketing and advertising.

8. Easy to Manage: A responsive website is very easy to manage. While creating a better user experience for your visitors, you forgot about your ease. You forget about your ease at certain points, such as running a website, keeping it updated and not falling behind the trend. All you focus on is fulfilling your business goal. A responsive website can be your saviour if you want to solve such issues.

The responsive website requires a single URL that works well on all devices. You no longer have to create different website versions for each device and manage them separately. It will require less developing work and help you save much time.

9. Better Backlink Profile: Responsive website is generally the authoritative website that helps you earn better backlinks and show search engines that you are adding value to the user’s life. It improves the overall backlinks by creating authentic links to the single domain for every device. And when your website has a better backlink profile, its SEO ranking will improve immediately.

How does Responsive website work for SEO?

It is believed that a responsive website is the future of the online marketing world. But How? Let’s understand it based on the Ethan Marcotte theory given in 2010.

According to Ethan Marcotte, it is better to have responsive webpages with the size, shape and placement decided based on the browser’s screen rather than a typical 800px webpage. Screen size should be your priority when deciding on elements of the website.

Some screens follow the 3x3 grid display. A website created using the same grid pattern should spread well on different devices. And that’s only possible if you have a responsive website. It gives you an amazing amount of control. With a few tricks and tips, you can create your website from PC optimised to mobile optimised or anything in between.

As search engines focus on offering a better user experience as ranking factors of the website, you must pay attention to responsive websites. The real reason behind it is that a responsive website attracts users by allowing them to stay on it. For example, if your website is not responsive for desktops, a desktop user might not be able to open it. They will always use mobile devices to reach you, creating an unpleasant user experience. Similarly, the desktop optimised websites will not open on smaller screens. If search engines notice that your website is not offering the best experience to the users, they will not rank it at the top.

Therefore, to improve your SEO ranking, you better create a good user experience by having a responsive website on all devices. You can contact Hintt, a Website Design Company in Liverpool, to assist you with the same.

How to create a responsive website for better SEO?

  1. Know your Responsive Breakpoints: Breakpoints are the points that your website’s design and content need to work for. Make sure to identify those points in the initial stage. By working on those points, you can offer a better user experience.Your website will be accessed through different devices with different resolutions. And your content and images should fit well on it. Here, based on each device, you must fix all the breakpoints.

  2. Focus on Fluid Grid: When working on your website’s responsiveness, pay attention to the fluid grid, which is defined by pixel measurements. It is the position where you want to set different elements of your website depending on the proportion of the screen size. It helps by responding and resizing different elements of the screen and fitting them in on the size of the screen. It means you no longer have to make all elements in a single and specific size to set in pixels. So, always focus on the fluid grid.

  3. Remember that touchscreen plays a major role: Every mobile device and tablet has touchscreens nowadays. Even some laptops also offer the same feature. So, to catch up with their technology, you must optimise your website for being accessed through touchscreens. Here, you must focus on images, CTAs, videos and other website elements and render them for multiple-screen access.

  4. Define Typography: Believe it or not, but according to us, font sizes can make or break your website. Whenever you are focusing on making your website responsive, always use the responsive font based on the device. It must change with the screen size and should be readable.

  5. Focus on a specific theme or layout of your website: To ensure that your website works well on all devices, you must have a precise website layout or theme. Here, you can hire a responsive web design company in UK with an experienced team of developers and designers as they can build a perfect website layout for you. Or, you can opt for pre-designed layouts with responsive properties and make favourable changes to them. You can find some amazing free and paid options on various online platforms.

  6. Test responsiveness from time to time: Whenever you want to make your website responsive, you should know what points your website lacks. And for that, you should check its responsiveness regularly on real devices. From mobile devices to laptops, your website should work well on everything. If you are noticing any kind of glitch, work on it immediately. It will allow you to keep your website responsive and avoid small problems before they become a real issue for you.

After completing all the above steps, you are ready with the responsive website. That’s the only way to decide whether your website is responsive for all devices or not.

Final Words:

A responsive website focuses on user experience and makes it easy for them to engage with your website. And it’s the major point search engines consider while assigning the website ranking. In short, having a responsive website with a solid framework will make Search engines happy. It is why you must have a responsive website.

At Hintt, the responsive web design company in UK, our professionals build fluid site design that adapts to all screen sizes and offers the best user experience. It improves the SEO of the website and allows it to rank better than its competitors. It will also create a difference in your website’s performance and fulfil your business goal.

Do you also require a responsive website for your business? Feel free to contact us.






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